Top Shop opening in NYC!

  1. The first Top Shop opening in America, is going to be in New York City. I'm SO excited. :tup:
  2. I knew i should of gone to college on the east coast! Haha.
    When is it scheduled to open? I need to start planning a visit to a friend of mine from Long Island now :p
  3. hey! It's opening September 2008.. It's probably comming to the west coast too! Yeah I'm in college in the city.. East Coast is good times. Haha, here's the article I read.

    "Established in 1964 in a U.K. department store, women’s fashion retailer, Topshop, broke into the U.S. summer 2006 by selling its trademark Baxter jeans at Barneys New York flagship stores across the country. It also operates a men’s clothing unit, dubbed “Topman”.

    Topshop has been open about plans to expand internationally, but the most recent development has it executing a lease for a three-level, flagship, Topshop/ Topman store at 478 Broadway in New York City’s SoHo District, taking over the space currently occupied by Yellow Rat Bastard. Topshop’s doors should open in September 2008. The store, including basement, ground floor, and third floor levels amounts to at least 40,000 square feet, all of which TopShop plans to use.

    Expect the retailer to proceed with opening several 20,000-square-foot stores at hot shopping spots across America. Topshop reportedly has its eyes on two additional sites in Manhattan, as well as sites in Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, and major cities on the West Coast."
  4. :yahoo: Thanks for the info!! i cant wait to go!!
  5. I'll have to plan another trip out to NY next year!
  6. wow I cannot wait! Although I rarely go down there.. its time that I do after they open. I wish it wasn't so close to Chinatown though.
  7. LUCKY YOU!!! :yes: :yes:
    I am in Italy and I can't wait to have a Topshop here!! Maybe one day... or I'll better come back to London which I love madly! :smile:
  8. love (love!) this store! can't wait!
  9. Hmm I'm excited! it should be open just in time for my next visit!
  10. Oooh, I wonder what day in Sept 2008? I'll have to watch for more news of this. I am planning a trip to NYC the beginning of Sept 2008, so hopefully it'll open up right away!