TOP SECRET RELEASE: Damier Neverfull!

  1. But seriously, my friends . . .

    I know. I can see the differences.

    But both have changeable sizes/shapes, strong handles, a clasp closure and carry a lot!

    Don't you think that the Hampstead can be seen as a "Damier Neverfull." Obviously dressier than the Mono Neverfull, but Damier pieces often are!:yahoo:

    And the price difference is not a big deal, really.

    Just trying to get your attention and get you thinking.;) But then you already thought of this, right?

    Remember to love your Louis and love your Life!
  2. There are a couple of threads going in the reference area I believe about the Damier Neverfull. The release date is conflicting. Some have heard it will be released in November, whilte others have heard beginning of '08.

    I think the Hampstead is similar, but if I had to compare it to a mono piece I would compare it to a Batignolles. The GM Hampstead is almost twice as much as the GM Neverfull, so if the damier pricing is similar it would probably be an attractive option for those considering a damier tote.
  3. The Hampstead does have similarities to the neverfull. But i think more people are attracted to the price of the neverfull. (You get alot of bang for your buck with the neverfull.)
  4. I guess.

    I was not thinking about price.

    Besides, it's damier . . .
  5. I wanted to add I was not even giving this piece much thought until I looked at the Hampstead club and saw photos with the bag being modeled! It's gorgeous!
  6. love my hampstead, I would get the never full gm just for an over night throw around bag , a carry on ect. The hampstead is my dressy classy work bag.
  7. I will get the Neverfull in Damier not the Hampstead only because of the gold plaque, I would be too afraid to scratch it up!
  8. I think the neverfull damier ebony is schedualed for november, azur in 08.
  9. sorry but it's not top secret we've talking about it for months,Damier & Damier Azur are both coming in the Neverful I want an Azur one
  10. Yea...we've known about this for some time now :smile: Thanks for sharing though!
  11. can't wait for the damier neverfull!
  12. Saturday I was told by one SA that the Neverfull will be out in Damier Azur first because of the ease of creating the design by keeping the vachetta leather the same and simply changing the canvas . . . and MAYBE the lining, but probably only the canvas.
    My favorite (dark, ebony) damier, she said is a longer away than first thought!
  13. sjunky

    i second the metion on what you have said.. hampstead is way more classier than neverfull

    i love love mine:wlae:
  14. That's what I heard too. Not sure I like the lining on the ebony one is red with black stripes :sad:.