Top Secret.......Operation Spy

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  1. Your mission.......should you decide to accept to find rare spys that are still in the shops.

    Their are thousands of spy girls all over the world on here so calling all of you, next time you go shopping please look for rare spys, limited edition, congnac with sequin any of them and post on here where you saw them and what they were,
    Chocolate, honey, Taupe or cognac.

    Please make sure you are in disquise because if you are caught, I shall not acknowledge you are on this mission.

    This message could self distruct in 10 seconds.....

    You can tell cant you I am having a boring day...LOL:yes:
  2. he he he...u made me laugh..and im really having a badday searching for a spy...
    i just keep lerking here in case Tom Cruise shows up :smile:
  3. If you find the sequined spy I will be impressed! I saw one for $3600 on Ebay about 6-7 months ago and that was it. Other than that I know of 2 pf members that have one.
  4. Hee hee, great thread!! Lets see what goodies our "Spy girls" can find!!
  5. Erm. I'd never make the mission cos I'd be rooted to my spot drooling all day. :drool::nuts:
  6. Lol.
  7. Now why else would they call it Mission Impossible..........come on you Spy agents get out their and find these spys, intelligence says they could be in the New York or Beverely Hills or Vegas or Italy area.(in fact any where intellengience not that good LOL)

    I know you spy girls can do it - Find them spys
  8. Oh, now THAT was funny!

    And if I am caught, I WILL SHOW THEM THIS THREAD! LOL!
  9. Well when I was in Florida a month ago in the Mall of Millenia at Neiman Marcus they had about 10 spies - none of which I had seen before, rabbit, mink, 3 different type of sequenced ones. I just stood there in shock!
  10. How fun! Mission acknowledged and assignment accepted. There was a really unusual one at Saks Denver a while ago, so hoping the mission is not entirely impossibe.:ninja:

  11. Oh what was it Deco, and did you have your spy camera with you
  12. :lol:

    Ok, I saw a very unusual spy today at Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas and it was ON SALE - marked down from $5K something to $4K something. I have never seen this spy before and I didn't take a pic because I didn't see this mission earlier. :shame: I don't know how to explain this spy... It was like different colored suede patches with rough beige-ish fur in between. Wasn't very attractive IMO. It looked like it goes with a clown outfit. It was on the sale table. I'll take a pic next time I'm there. There was also a hologram spy and white mink spy in Fendi in the same Mall.

  13. Good job Pewter, my top agent so far - so theirs a Hologram and white mink spy in Fendi, plus a weird spy at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas
  14. I saw this one at NM in Denver a while back!

    Here's just a teaser: They only made 10 of this bag, and only two went to the US. One of them landed in Fendi Aspen and was just sold for over $4000!


    They also have a green croc spy for $22,000 and a mink spy for $8000 if you're interested. ;)

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  15. Fendi Boutique at Dubai ... 27th of Dec 2006

    1) the most gorgeous beauiful prettty attractive spy i had ever seen and to my surprise i didnt know this spy was ever made, never saw pics of it or even heard or read about it .. its made of Black folded see thru textile,Black velvet handles, with so many pearls ( all sizes of pearls) spreaded all over it ..
    it retails for approx. $ 5900

    2)Velvet Squirrel Spy