Top restaurants in New York City

  1. I will be in nyc in summer and just wondering if I should look around and make bookings. Anyone has any recommendations? (money is not an issue as its the bf's birthday!)

  2. i recommend you check out morimoto (if you like japanese/asian--and of course nobu is always great) or le bernardin is classic.....

    i personally love bouley (they have a great tasting menu), but my favorite restaurant in the city is union square cafe (it's not fancy.....just good simple food)
  3. i second union square cafe and morimoto. blue ribbon sushi was also pretty good. steakhouses - mark josephs or del frisco's.

    definitely make reservations! one of the most common mistakes tourists to anywhere make is to wait until they're in the city to decide where to eat. but if you want a top restaurant, you're prolly not going to able to walk right in.

    have fun!
  4. oh...and for other great steakhouses....i suggest peter luger.....and ben and jack's :P
  5. We love The Gotham Bar and Grill on 12 East 12 st in the West Village
    or Quest ( pronouced West )on the upper West Side.2315 Brdway.

    I hope you have a wonderful time were ever you end up.
  6. If you like vegetarian food, I definitley recommend Teany and Red Bamboo.
  7. If you like steak and seafood, I recommend Shelly's! It's our favorite restaurant in the city! Steakhouse, raw bar. Live jazz in the evening upstairs at the Blue Lady Lounge (can get a little loud upstairs but it's really nice!). Delicious martini's!

    I recommend the fish and chips! Sounds simple but it's anything but! You get the whole fish (sans head) and tons of fries. Amazing steaks! Great salads. The raw bar looks amazing (never tried it though). Delicious asparagus with hollindaise! Everything is pretty much a la carte which can get pricy but it's worth every penny to me! HUGE menu! Oh yeah, really good service!

    When ever I have to be in NY, my DH takes me there for lunch or dinner and we've never had to have a reservation to get it.

    The last time I was there, they told me that in April (this month) they were moving to 41 W. 57th (between 6th and 5th). (212) 245-7822. Have fun in NY!
  8. you can throw a dart and hit a great restaurant in NYC! I know it's cliche but if you have the extra money to spend, NOBU!!!!!!
  9. thanks for all your recommendations.. keep them coming! i notice nobu seems to get mentioned a lot... have been reading reviews on the one in london, seems to get mixed reviews... anyone heard of 'Per Se'?
  10. Out in LA we have Nobu and Matsuhisa (same owner) and they are just thee best Sushi restaurants in the world! But they offer so much more. I mean the menu is like an inch thick! You really can't get alot of their dishes anywhere else. and no, haven't heard of Per Se.
  11. Ooh I am getting excited to eat at Nobu when the bf and i go to LA!
  12. is your friend. Its so much fun to look at! They have reviews and user ratings as well
  13. definitely nobu, or per-se:biggrin:
  14. Tabla is my favorite--gorgeous, hip, great food (not as expensive as Nobu, but up there)--when you reserve, if you do, ask for a table with a view of Madison PArk. If you like bloody mary's, have their masala mary--they add cumin and it's the best bloody mary in town.