Top Reasons To Love A Boxer Doggie

  1. They sit on your little girl's lap to listen to a story (not straddle...actually sit in a lounging position!):


    They take naps whenever your little girl wants to:


    And when it's time to wrestle they are bouncy enough for you to get airborne shots..!... :

  2. LOL omg your dog is precious!! She seems like such a lovable and playful dog!!

  3. Thank you for your sweet words!!! He is, indeed, an angel of an animal! :love:
  4. LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boxers are always down for a nap, no question about that.
  5. Your boxer is beautiful. I have always wanted a boxer..these pics are just convincing me even more!
  6. I love your boxer sleeping with your daughter!

    My little pup sleeps all over me. She always jumps on the couch and puts her head on my lap or my husbands. Love boxers!
  7. It's amazing how much he sleeps! haha Yer gorgeous gal, too?

    They are hands down the best dogs. I've always been so-so with dogs until this one...I'll never be boxer-less!

    Awww how is lil Bindi???
  8. She's doing great! She's growing like crazy though. I mean to post more pictures...I have some cute one with little sweaters on. I'll try to post them later on. Everyone she meets goes gaga over how cute she is since she' white and her face is pink! :love:
  9. SWOON! Can't wait to see her!
  10. she looks so lovable and liek a child...:heart:
  11. gorgeous!!

    My SO doesnt even need reasons, he loves those dogs.
  12. He is like another kid! It's so cute to see him sitting on your dd's lap. They are pups into old age. :love: You have a sweetie, Voodoo (your dd is a sweetie, too!).

    I wish I'd caught pics of our boxers doing their "tricks"--pulling the boys around the house on a throw rug, opening drawers for food, carrying on convos with us, hugging us. Next time grandson (2 yrs old) comes to visit, I'm getting the camera out for lots of pics. Boxers are meant to be with children.
  13. Thank you.... and they ARE....that dog lives and breathes for our daughter. :yes: