Top of the Line Swimwear

  1. This is too :wtf:!!

    I just saw this on perezhilton and thought you would be interested...

    I think I would go for the Slimming Swimwear....:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. Ummm, WOW!!! :shocked::confused1:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. A lot of religious sects like Mormons and Mennonites forbid women from showing any skin besides their arms and legs. At least this way they can go swimming even if it's in these terribly depressing outfits!
  5. I've seen this when I searched up "modest swim-wear" .. there is also the Burqini I believe which covers the head.
  6. miss 2a you have such beautiful eyes....

    i would not wear this swimwear myself but for those wishing to be very modest it is good to have this choice.
  7. I'm sorry but the women in the far right of that ad looks like a man..
  8. It'd be cheaper and slightly more normal-looking to just wear a t-shirt and long shorts.

    I had friends who were Apostolic Pentecostal [women = no makeup, no jewelery, no pants only knee-length skirts or longer] and that's how they went swimming.