Top Model with Top Fake!

  1. CariDee at the Thompson Hotels' "Room100" magazine launch in NYC, taken from popsugar

    she looks great but the bag is hidz
  2. Why would she carry a fake?
  3. wow............i dont know what else to say :wtf:
  4. It looks horrible on so many levels! First, it's a fake!:yucky: And even if it were real, the style doesn't go with her outfit! I think she needs a clutch, or small shoulder bag instead. Why do people carry blatant fakes?????
  5. Omg, that's disgusting :sick:
  6. its really bad. it was posted in the celebrities with LVs thread last week
  7. she is not a top model lol she looks like a clown there hehehe ugly fake
  8. OMG! Why would someone like her carry a fake?? :shrugs:
  9. oops, was it? I did a search for "caridee" but didn't find anything. sorry for reposting!
  10. She knows she's going to be photographed and in a room full of people who live and breath fashion, so why in the world would she wear a fake?!? That's just plain stupidity.
  11. Hey! I bet she'd look great in that Murakami shirt...:p

    Is that too mean? Those red handles are .... ouch.
    Post Weird Murakami Shirt 002.jpg
  12. OMG hahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: or maybe a LV monogrammed logo top from eBay for $10 :roflmfao:
  13. Yuck.
  14. EWWWW:throwup: :yucky: did she not know it's uber fake? How can she stand infront of camera knowing @ release of pix, it's a give away dead of 'apple' LV!?
  15. terrible, what was she thinking.