Top Model Natalia Vodianova Gives Birth To Her Third Child

  1. Top Model Natalia Vodianova Gives Birth To Her Third Child

    The kid was named Victor, in honour of Natalia’s grandfather. In spite of the fact that the third pregnancy of the famous model went without complications, Natalia decided to go to a prestigious London clinic some days before and stayed there until giving birth. The husband of “the Nizhniy Novgorod Cinderella", lord Justin Portman so strongly worried for his wife that he had even stayed at the hospital together with her to constantly be beside her. But, despite of the worries, the labor went without complications.

    - The kid was born in eleven o'clock in the morning; - the model’s stepfather Alexander Vladimirovich has joyfully informed us. - We first heard about from Natasha’s friend Oksana, to whom our daughter had sent an sms. The boy was born weighting 3,600 kg and with the height of 55 centimetres. - Natasha says, that he will grow to be a real giant, - the stepfather says joyfully. – Both she and the kid feel great. And, the parents have thought up a name for him a long time ago. They will name him Victor in honour of Natalia’s grandfather.

    Larissa Viktorovna is not yet planning to visit her star daughter. Natalia, on the other hand, is planning to arrive home soon to acquaint her little son with his great-grandfather, whose name he carries. She will be accompanied by her two senior children: five year-old kid Lukas and one and a half one-year-old daughter Neva.



  2. I'm really happy for her :tup: She is a really good girl and down to earth, too. She deserves it all indeed. Oh, and she is so loyal to her YSL purse - it is amazing!
  3. congrats to her!! she seems down to earth.
  4. love her! cant believe she had her third!! her body is fanastic
  5. Good for her! :smile: