Top Handle...?

  1. I was wondering if any of you own a Soho Top Handle style bag (I believe the style number is 9743) and if you like it. I've been considering buying one but I'm unsure. The handle thing kinda creeps me out, does it really stay closed when you have things in it? Input? Anyone, anyone? Pictures? Anything at all? Lol, thanks!!
  2. Those bags are cute BUT I don't like the placement of the handle. If the clasp is not secured you can dump the bag out when you pick it up. I had that problem with a bag (not a Coach) that had a similar design. If you only want the bag for occasional use you may not run into trouble but it may not be a practical everyday bag.
  3. Thanks so much! I was curious about that. I think I'll save my money. Lol!
  4. The magentic closure is secure for me. I use mine as evening bags so I don't carry that much in them when I use them.