Top Handle Pouch

  1. I am confused about the top handle pouch. Is it a handbag or a make up case? Can you wear it over your shoulder like a demi bag?
  2. I think you can use it for either one. :yes: I am pretty sure I have seen photos of people on the forum wearing them as a shoulder bag but it's a pretty tight fit.
  3. you can most definately use a top handle pouch as a small bag so if you can, go to a store or outlet and see if you like the way it fits.
  4. I think it would be cute carried on your arm or in your hand. I want to get one for myself.
  5. I have a Carly Top Handle Pouch and it's great. It fits very comfortably under my arm and fits a lot too for being a fairly small bag: hamptons wristlet, mini skinny, iPod mini, two lippies, even a smaller sample size of lotion. The carly is good because the sides kind of expand, but the purse never looks stuffed!
  6. I have a patchwork top handle pouch in denim. It barely fits under my arm, so I generally use it as a hand-held bag. It's one of my favorite small Coach bags.
  7. Can it fit under your arm with a jacket on?

    As for the topic, I have a legacy top handle pouch and it barely fits under my arm. Not very comfortable at all.
  8. Make-up bag/accessory bag.
    In my opinion, I really would not wear those as a handbag.
  9. I have a signature stripe pouch that I use as a handbag, but I wear it in the crook of my arm. It gets squashed if I try to wear it on my shoulder. It fits more than you would think...wallet, wristlet, pager, phone, and car keys. I could probably squeeze something else in there if I tried...
  10. As others have said, it's mainly supposed to be a makeup/accessory case, but you can use it as a purse. I guess it just depends on how much you want to carry in it. I think some people use a trigger snap keyfob or valet keyfob as an extender on the strap so that it can fit over the shoulder better.
  11. I have an all black leather one and I use it as an additional makeup bag. Like brushes and stuff. Non staining makeup stuff. LOL

    For me, I think the handle is too short to use as a handbag.

    I think it is great too for when traveling, throwing stuff like jewelry, medication and other small stuff into it. Then putting it inside a larger luggage bag.
  12. Coach lists those as handbags and as cosmetic cases. So how you chose to use it is up to you. Personally, I use both of mine as hand held handbags.
  13. I use mine as hand held bag too.
  14. it totally depends on the type of bag you get. Certain ones fit under your arm and others there's no way! Which one are you interested in?

    For sure the Carly does as I own one. Some of the other sig ones like the ones from the outlets don't fit.
  15. Tracy, I am interested in the legacy one or the carly one. I just got a sig medium carly (gold trim) so I would want to get a totally different one (leather? canvas?) in the pouch, but I love the shape.