Top $$ for pre-loved YSL bags (Toronto/Markham/Scarborough)

  1. Hi everyone,

    Wondering if anyone knows where the best place to sell pre-loved YSL bags in the GTA, specifically Toronto/ Markham/ Scarborough??

    I heard eBay wasn't the best idea because eBay tends to side with the buyer - heard some horror stories around this.
    Anyone with experience with kijiji or anything like that??
  2. I sold bags on kijiji and on Facebook.
  3. I have never had any problems with eBay, by far the largest exposure and quickest sales. I put good photos, detailed explanations, and never had an issue. I had more problems as a buyer, and then I liked that eBay was on my side. I am from Canada but I post my ebay sales on .com not .ca
  4. Do you know if there's a specific group for buying/selling luxury bags? Or did you just use your personal Facebook?
  5. M
    Maybe I will try that as well on ! Thanks so much! Just trying to get the most of what I can get since my bag is practically brand new!
  6. Yes. I know several groups. Some are national, some are solely for people in the Great Toronto area. I actually use these groups. PM for more info! :smile: