Top five shoe designers every girl should have!

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  1. I saw a post on top five shoe styles every girl should have, so lets make a thread on the top 5 designer shoes every girl should have. Here are my top picks!

    1. Jimmy Choo
    2. Manolo Blahnik
    3. Christian Louboutin
    4. Gucci
    5. Louis Vuitton
  2. 1. Chloe (high heels that are comfortable! Yea!)
    2. Jimmy Choo
    3. Manolo Blahnik (just so you can say you own one, LOL!)
    4. Prada

    I only have a list of 4, I guess. I have never tried Louboutins.

    Stay away from Isaac. You get to pay $200+ for a shoe made in the same quality of Payless.
  3. Really? i was about to buy a pair or two from him...
  4. Yeah, I just really am not impressed with the quality of the leather, and they are not comfortable. Perhaps a non-leather shoe would be OK but the black leather heels I have are stiff and uncomfortable. In that price range, Stuart Weitzman is def. better.
  5. Oh Ladies, yes, at least 5.

    1. Manolo Blahnik - narrow and slinky, always so feminine.
    2. Christian Lacroix - daring. sexy.
    3. Prada (boots, especially) - slick and fashion forward
    4. Chanel (ballet or flats, esp) - timeless, classic.
    5. Guiseppe Zanotti - because even feet need jewelry sometimes

  6. Only 5? That is tough...

    1. Chanel (ballet flats, of course)
    2. Prada
    3. Roger Vivier
    4. Manolo (even though they kill me)
    5. Tod's (driving loafer)

    I will also add that everyone should own a pair of MBT sneakers...they are the best and when worn consistently, tone your legs and ease the cellulite like you can not believe! But, alas, they are ugly as sin.
  7. 1. Louboutin (a must have right now)
    2. Manolo
    3. Choo
    4. Chanel
    Besides these I have a few pairs from Prada, Dior, Coach, D&G, Chloe, DKNY, and a few other brands but I don't consider them must have designers
  8. 1. Tods
    2. Gucci
    3. Manolo Blahnik
    4. Christian Louboutin
    5. Jimmy Choo
  9. Gucci
    Christian Louboutin
    Manolo Blahnik.....own several pairs, very sexy; but hurts like hell!!
    Jimmy Choo
    Dolce and Gabbana
  10. I'm not sure I need five

    1. Louboutin - flat out sexy
    2. Blahniks - classics
    3. Lanvin ballet flats - comfy
  11. 1. Chloe - very comfortable for their style
    2. Louboutin - just hot
    3. Blahnik - classic that can be worn for years
    4. BCBG - very cute styles
    5. Nine West - inexpensive classy shoes
  12. My personal top 5:

    1) Christian Louboutin (my shoe God who manages to read ALL my shoe dreams; if I were forced to wear only one brand in footwear I'd gladly give it all up for CL's....from basics to casuar wear to professional wear to evening wear, he's got everything covered under one roof and does it all to perfection, at least IMO.....gosh in a second life I'd love to work for CL PR)

    2) Lanvin by Alber Elbaz

    3) Pierre Hardy (and the shoes he designs for Balenciaga) -- so

    4) Nine West (not expensive but comfy & cute shoes that I don't have to worry about for long-distance walking/shopping, when bad weather strikes, etc.)

    and lastly.....well I don't think this is for "every girl" as I know a lot of people probably can't stand vegetarian shoes, but I guess from a design perspective (and my personal taste), I adore

    5) Stella McCartney - always so it!
  13. 1. Jimmy Choo - comfy and beautiful heels and flats
    2. Giuseppe Zanotti - so pretty
    3. Manolo Blahnik - I have some but not comfy, so I don't wear them very often. Now I only buy JC for evening heels
    4. Christian Louboutin - sexy heels
    5. Tory Burch - for cute, comfy ballet flats.
  14. 1. Jimmy Choo
    2. Christian Louboutin
    3. Chloe
    4. Chanel
    5. Manolo Blahnik
  15. 1. Gucci -- fantastic fit for me, great quality
    2. Dolce & Gabbana -- elegant, great fit
    3. Prada
    4. Jimmy Choo
    5. Tod's for loafers

    I have very narrow leg with extremely high arch, and therefore I stick only to the brands that have been comfortable for me in past...I wear heels all the time and work long days & fly a lot so I need to be able to survive in these shoes for 10+ hours :smile: