Top Five Favorite Bags (That You Own)

  1. Okay Ladies, Here Are My Picks:

    1. Hermes Birkin 30 cm Vermillion Togo Gold Hardware

    2. Hermes Birkin 30 cm Black Gulliver Gold Hardware

    3. Dark Brown Fendi

    4. Whisky Chloe Paddington

    5. Sky Blue Balenciaga City
  2. Welcome, EMNH! You have a very nice collection of purses! If you post this on the purses & handbags sub-forum, you will get lots of replies. By the way, my favorite bags are my Bottega Venetas and my Moo Roos.

  3. Hi, and welcome!
    The Newcomer's Lounge is really only for introductions, not so much for true topics.
    I'll move this to Handbags and Purses for you.
  4. ok, I don't own 5 bags believe it or not!:shocked:
    my 3 bags, and they're my current faves!:lol:

    Chanel Luxe Ligne Flap in Metallic Black
    Chanel Vintage Ligne Tote {N/S} in Dark White
    Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal
  5. Well, for 3 bags, you sure have some nice ones, Swanky Mama!!:yes:
  6. Swanky, don't you have a Gucci belt bag? I consider that a "bag" - don't you - I love that one!
  7. Forgot to answer the thread, favorite 5 are:

    1. Chanel medallion tote, black caviar, silver hdwr
    2. Chanel 2005 gray reissue, 227
    3. YSL chocolate Muse
    4. Chanel 2006 dk white reissue, 226
    5. Gucci messenger, GG fabric, off white leather
  8. 1. Chanel '05 227 black reissue
    2. Dior cannage '06 black shoulder
    3. YSL ''05 white med. Muse
    4. YSL dark brown Mombasa from Tom Ford's last season at YSL
    5. Chloe '05 bleu nuit paddington

    (I really had to think about this! I love my large YSL chocolate patent Muse and my Prada black nylon with leather trim/buckled straps frame tote and all of my Balenciagas and....)
  9. Okay, yeah I have a GUcci belt bag as well! I also have a VERY retired Burberry Nova Check Tote, but she's permanently retired:yes:

    I guess that's 5 :lol:
  10. My favorites at the moment always include my latest ones :shame:

    1. LV Damier Azur Speedy 25
    2. LV Onatah GM in Aubergine
    3. White Fendi Spy
    4. Black Chanel Medallion Tote
    5. Gucci Black leather horsebit clutch, it's the perfect evening bag.
  11. 1. Fendi Chocolate Spy
    2. YSL Oversized White Muse
    3. Black S/S 05 Balenciaga
    4. Burgundy Dior Single Gaucho
    5. Quilted Marc Jacobs Venetia
  12. Not in any special order...... it was hard enough to choose just 5:

    Balenciaga 2003 black flat brass
    Prada Tobacco Pushlock
    LV Damier Triana
    Balenciaga greige City bag
    Balenciaga 2004 rose Twiggy
  13. My favorites are:
    Hermes 28 cm black clemence Kelly
    Hermes potiron togo Bolide
    Chanel black classic flap
    LV plum Le Talentueux
    Bottega Veneta hazelnut ball bag
  14. My five favorites (in order)

    Balenciaga Rouge vif city
    Tano Minilisa in black
    Balenciaga Caramel day
    Tano Bow Derek in red
    Black leather bag from Marshalls, have no idea by whom it is either made or inspired
  15. Lol~I only have 5 designer bags..

    1. Balenciaga rouge vif work
    2. LV Azur speedy 30
    3. LV Damier speedy 25
    4. LV BV
    5. LV Denim Baggy GM