Top Class Plastic Surgery

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  1. I want to get a rhinoplasty in the near future, maybe this summer if I am satisfied with the information I have gathered through research.

    I love the before/after pictures of Top Class.
    Anyone have experience with them ?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Top class produces dramatic type noses, but it looks pretty refined and elegant. Its one of those noses that dont look fake in a bad way, but fake in a too perfect to be natural and not a typical asian type nose fake. But I quite like that look haha. I know some peeps who went there and also one of the nurses at Dream did her nose there. I remember asking her which surgeon did it because it doesnt look like the natural style Dream does. And she said she did it at Top Class. Artificial looking yes, but very well done. Nice curve not too upturned and not overly projected tip.
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  3. Would you say that they are good in naturally reducing a bulbous nose without incerting an implant? I like their curve as well!! (caucasian girl asking lol :P) But I prefer a rounder cuter nose rather than a pointy slim one..
  4. But caucasians tend to, instead of requiring bulbous excision, tends to require the suturing and/or clamping method. So you gotta assess why your nose is bulbous to begin with. Also to make a nose rounder it seems surgeons simply use alloderm or auto dermis and shove it in the tip :O
  5. Thanks K Couture! I was wondering, if i also have kind of a bulbous nose, would tiplasty help with that?
  6. Aaah I don't know how to assess this one yet, haven't studied the nose so much yet.. I don't need huge improvemets, just natural reduction thet will suit my face after fc, shaving the hump, slight bullbous excision or suturing and maybe alar base reduction. All I know is the I hate the slim nose look:P
    Thanks for yoour help again!
  7. I want to do nose surgery. T-T
  8. You know there was this article i read years ago where it shows what would happen if you pick your favourite type of features and merge it into one person's face. End results was hideousss. I think going for dramatic change can go either way, looks much better or you end up looking weird and unnatural. I think a natural enhancement to your current features is the way to go :smile:
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  9. These services are never free. The hospital pays them a commission which is marked up by the price you pay. This is almost the case unless the agency has a lot of bargaining power with the hospital AND is willing to lower the commission. I dont know about this company but the more known ones do not do that at all. Furthermore, no agency has a strong relationship with every hospital in seoul there's just way too many. Each maintains rapport with one or two thats all. For example, Docfinder's is obv Banobagi and Seoul Guide Medical is obv Answer.

    Using an agent is really unnecessary unless you have a complex case or require non-elective procedures done. We all should be independant enough to do our own research and navigate ourselves around seoul which is incredibly simple. If people do insist on using an agency then very simple. Before you engage in one FIND OUT THE MARKET VALUE of the procedure in question. Not a particular set price but rather a price range. From low to high depending on clinic range. Then, you reasonably gauge how much you should be paying by considering the range of the clinic you want to go to and you tell the agent what you want to pay. If they are unable to get you the price you want, forgo their services that's it. For example, for someone who wants to do a simple primary rhino at JW and wants to pay in the low 2 million krw, forget about it. That will never happen. JW's primary rhino range is 3.5-3.8 (includes tipplasty + bridge aug via silicone). If you were to go alone and bargain hard and its not peak season you can get low 3 millions, assuming yours is a simple case. If you go with an agency that cannot get you that price (low 3 millions) despite yours being a simple rhino, then that means the agency has no bargaining power with that hospital and is therefore useless to you. Likewise, if you go with an agency, your rhino is a simple case and they charged you more than that price range then voila, it means you been jacked!

    So basically think about it carefully. Be smart if you want to use an agency. Be even smarter and go it yourself. Success means you save the money and buy yourself a balenciaga bag. Obviously tho, if you come across as an absolute moron to the consultant at any hospital they will jack you lol so either way you have to be switched on.
  10. Thanks! Glad you are back!
    Since you have been there and know better, do you think Dr Park from Dream could handle a caucasian nose (smal hump and a tiny bit bulbous)? Have you seen any before and after's? Because I want to get my rhino done with the closed method so that my columella doesn't shorten and my facial analogies change, so a natural reduction is my goal. But from their website I only saw implant pictures, the very few reductions were not my cup of tea, since they created a sharp nose :/ On the other hand I could never know what their patients had asked for..
  11. Look back in the threads in 2012/2013. Theres a caucasian guy from the US who did hump shaving with dr park. He posted pix too. Lol you think they create sharp noses? He does natural style and often ppl say his nose isnt sharp enuf not the other way round haha. Tho i dunno which pics u are refering to because the open rhino cases are not done by him. From what I heard its a collaboration of Dr Kim and Jo doing it together.

    Why dont you do your nose back home tho? I reckon caucasian noses would be best done in the US where they have much much more cases and therefore more experience.
  12. I will look for this guy's pics, thanks!

    I am from Europe, and I am considering doing it in my country as well, but I generally have no knowledge about European surgeons and I don't know if any forums like pf exist for european plastic surgery.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your help K Couture, I really appreciate it :smile:
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    Do anyone know around how much they charge for a primary rhinoplasty?

    I know they are a high-end clinic so the price will be higher than other places. I read K Couture post that it is not a good idea to ask before a face to face consultation with the doctor, but I'd really like to know around how much I should expect to be quoted...

    Please pm me if you prefer not writing here publicly.
  14. How long does it normally take for them to respond to online inquiries? I'm planning on going to Korea this September but I'm strongly leaning towards one clinic already but I'd like to keep my options open
  15. They responded to me the same day.