Top Chef Finale **probable Spoilers**

  1. Anyone watching the Top Chef finale tonight? I'm totally rooting for Harold. He's so cute!
  2. Vote for Harold too..
  3. Woot! Harold takes it!:yahoo:

    And it looks like the new season of Project Runway begins this summer! Yay!
  4. I am so glad Harold won! I thought it was so funny that Dave and Stephen went out and drank the night before and still were drinking and somewhat hung over when they were helping Tiffany.:lol:

    I think she ruined her own chances of winning by being such a B****!
  5. It was obvious everyone wanted him to win, did you see those polls??? LOL What was it, 97%?!! I feel kinda bad for her, but she sabotaged herself by being a huge *****.
  6. I can't believe that after all that *****iness and drama and high ambition, Tiffani was only planning to use the prize money to "travel" and for "debts." I just wanted to smack her when she was crying at the end because she couldn't travel and pay off her debts. BOO HOO. And I can't believe she tried to blame Harold for the fact that her sous chefs even thought he should win.

    I could watch a whole show of Stephen and Dave getting drunk together. They were cute. I'm glad Dave's desserts won raves. I hope that he gets a good job out of this.

    This finale played out like I was hoping it would. Harold won, Tiffani made herself look bad, and they brought back the fun contestants.
  7. I haven't seen the finale yet, but I knew it would be Harold :biggrin: He's such a cutie!
  8. And did you catch what she said to Harold in the kitchen? She blamed HIM for the 4 "sous chefs" saying that they wanted him to win:
    "my back walked right into your knife."

    She's totally nuts and definitely didn't deserve the money if she wasn't going to open a restaurant with it!!!
  9. She's totally a nut case. I am glad he won...
  10. Oh, did you guys remember Tiffani say she instructed Dave on how to make the desert?!:amazed:

    She tried to claim Dave's own desert as her own even when she didn't even do it froms start to finish.

    I am glad that the judges understood it was his desert that he was going to use if he was in the finale.
  11. ^^ I know!!! what a little liar! And it was the best thing in her whole menu! haha
  12. She must be a habitual liar. No one's going to let her work in their kitchen after seeing Top Chef! She's going to be lucky getting a job as a short order cook at Denny's after this. :shocked:
  13. I love Harrod! Tiffani is such a :censor: . She lied and make rude comments all the time. I still remember the episode when they had to cook for the kids of The Boys and Girls Club, saying that they didn't have taste. I hate her.
  14. Harold rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will definitly be checking out his new restaurant in NY that he said would be open by Fall.
  15. is there going to be a second season? i love the show, and i absolutely do not like tiffany, she lied so much and with a straight face. i wonder what she is going now, and if any restaurant would hire her. i did enjoy the episode where everyone got together, stephen and ken were at each others throat, i seriously thought that someone was gonna get hurt.