Top Chef Fans, New Episode!!!!

  1. Tomorrow night, Thurs Dec 6th, there is a new "Holiday" episode on at 9pm. It will have chefs from all 3 seasons. Sounds fun!
  2. I knew there was some show I didn't want to miss and that is it! I just wonder if it is on for an hour or two? I don't want to miss ER.
  3. Ok, that was just plain MEAN, MEAN, MEAN to have them work so hard to prepare three courses and then they didn't get to serve those dishes! I KNOW that it's good, I suppose, that they don't get their hopes up with thinking they have a shot at winning when they served the worst dishes, but, to tell them "Sorry" when they had hot food in their hands for the next dish? Whoa!

    The fourth dish was kind of interesting though! I always think I'm a good cook until I see these show and then I realize I'm just a good homemaker cook! LOL
  4. Ugh, can't stand Tiffany... can't believe she won. I was hoping for Steven or Marcil.
  5. You know what surprised me? Both Steven and Marcil had mellowed a bit... admitted that perhaps that they might NOT be the "best" there. Honestly, I wanted CJ or Tre to win, but I think Tiffany, despite her not so warm ways, is really good. She almost never misses!
  6. Does anybody know where is Tiffany's new restaurant in Los Angeles. I like the way she cooks although I find her to be deeply annoying.
  7. I wish Dave from season 1 had been there. Uggh. Tiffany - who could stand working for her? Walks in the kitchen barking orders "I need you and you and you and all this left over food is mine, mine, mine."

    She did what she had to to win, but I'm not happy she did.

    I wished Anthony Bourdain would've been a judge. He adds such a great element of humor.
  8. I couldn't stand Tiffany in the first season, but I really do think she is a good chef though. I would try out her restaurant when it opens! I wish they had brought back Casey