Top Chef All-Stars!

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  1. starts December 1st and looks like a good list of contestants

    Here's an exclusive sneak peek at the just-announced cast of Top Chef All-Stars, featuring 18 of the Emmy-winning Bravo reality show's most outstanding contestants — and most outrageous personalities.
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    Headstrong Tiffani Faison came in a close second to winner Harold Dieterle in the show's first season. She's back for another crack at the title, along with sommelier Steven Asprinio, best remembered for his insufferably tedious lectures on wine.
    Foamophile Marcel Vigneron, however irritating, didn't deserve the bully treatment he received from his Season 2 peers (one of whom was ousted from the show for bad behavior), including fellow finalist Elia Aboumrad, memorable for her impulsive mid-season shaved head and authentic Mexican cuisine.
    Season 3 runners-up and close pals Casey Thompson and Dale Levitski rightly deserved their spots in the finale, though many fans felt laid-back, self-taught Texan Tre Wilcox was cut way too soon.
    Fauxhawked Richard Blais nearly aced Season 4 with his inventive, witty molecular concoctions but faltered in the final challenge. He's reunited with down-to-earth single mom Antonia Lofaso, snarky Spike Mendelsohn (and his array of trendy hats), and Dale Talde, notable for his spicy Asian fare and his hot temper.
    Fabio Viviani, voted Season 5's fan favorite, is back to cook up more authentic Italian dishes and endearing malapropisms alongside spunky, tattooed San Franciscan Jamie Lauren and quirky Carla Hall, the DC pastry chef who nearly pulled off a come-from-behind victory but doubted herself in the season's crucial final moments.
    Intense Philadelphia chef Jennifer Carroll gave the formidable Voltaggio brothers a run for their money in the sixth-season finale, while castmate Mike Isabella maintained his confident Jersey swagger right up until he was knifed for lousy leeks in the tenth episode.
    Finally, fresh off Season 7 are good-natured Tiffany Derry, the former Texas iHop employee, and Angelo Sosa, front-runner for the top prize until a sickness wiped him out during the Singapore finale and sent him packing for the All Stars — and a second chance.
    The battle of the Top Chef All-Stars begins Wed 12/1, 10/9 c, on Bravo.
  2. So, while I like that Carla, Fabio, and Antonia are back, I'm way more excited for Tre. I felt so bad when he was eliminated, and I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeves. If he hadn't done himself in during Restaurant Wars, I think he would have made it to the end and really given Hung a run for his money.
  3. Excited about this! Carla and Fabio! :yahoo:
  4. soooo excited!!!!
  5. Sounds like a great cast. I just wish it hadn't included a spoiler for DC - which has just started here in Canada... Oh well - so now I know Angelo doesn't go all the way!
  6. Urgh just remembered Mike Isabella is back :tdown:
  7. SOOOO agree with this. I loved Tre. My husband and I were pissed when he got the boot.

  8. so sorry for posting the list and spoiling it for you. Had I known that it was still airing by you I would have posted a Spoiler Alert :shame:
  9. oh god! that man can't cook his way out of ihop!!!
  10. He can cook, he's just a mysoginistic, egotistical jerk.
  11. I don't even remember his food. I just remember how jerky he was.
  12. I would put Marcel in that same category! He has been on a couple of Top Chef specials is just comes off as an arrogant knowit all who really doesn't know it all! I can't wait to see who could go first. Seems like it will be a very close competitive season. I'm looking forward to seeing Fabio, who was responsible for my favorite quote about bunky beds and Dale who is a hometown boy...
  13. I so agree with both of you. I love Tre!
  14. That must have been on the seasons before I started watching.
  15. I'm super excited!