1. anyone else excited??? I LOVE THIS SHOW...I believe I read it's going to be in Miami this season...
  2. Awesome.
  3. Yeah !!! I love this show ! Thanks for the reminder.
  4. Yes!!! I love this show!

    Prada...I have a strong feeling that you and I are sitting in front of the tv watching the exact same shows! :smile: (and what's funny, is I really don't watch that much tv!)
  5. Nice !!! i :heart: Top Chef !

  6. Haha... I know........:p

    Me either, but the crap that they have been showing lately has been irresistable.
    Tivo saved my life. :yahoo:
  7. I saw the previews last night and got excited.
  8. I hope Padmeer wears less revealing clothes this time.....she showed her belly too many times in the kitchen.
  9. ^ I didn't like her much as a host, nor the first.. they need someone less pretty and more food oriented!

    I can't wait for the show.. guys who can cook are so hot!
  10. Love Top Chef...the winner from season 1 just opened a new restaurant in the village in NYC. Have not been yet. Love the show and am a huge Colicchio Craft.
  11. this is one of my favorite summer shows!
  12. Tom is the man!
  13. I agree...there is something sexy about him...