Top Chef 2

  1. Does anyone else watch this? I'm rooting for Ilan, Sam and Marcel. :P
  2. Love the show..I am rooting for Sam and Cliff
  3. ME TOO..... all the "hotties":heart: :drool: Theres nothing better than a sexy man who can cook!
  4. Love this show. I think Cliff, Sam, and possibly Ilan. Betty maybe.
  5. Cliff all the way.
  6. I think Betty is a little overrated..dunno why, just a hunch
  7. I'm having a hard time connecting with any one contestant this season. I don't think any of them really stand out talent wise.
  8. :yes: :P Me too. What's up w/ all the cute chefs this season?

    I know that Marcel gets portrayed as the villian, but I like him quite a lot - Did you check out the "bonus" video clips on where he gives Mike a big sloppy kiss and tries to explain "synergy" to a bunch of kids? So cute!
  9. My son loves Josie so we were sad to see her go.
  10. I agree. Did you see TopChef 1 ? I absolutely loved every single one of them. i thought they each had different kind of talent. This time, I think Betty and Cliff are great.
  11. I think that none of this season's contestants seem to strike a chord as well! hmm...
    I find Betty annoying though and the one who left..Emily..and Josie as the new host...hmm much prefer first season.
  12. I agree, I prefer the first season too, I had more of a "connection" with the charcaters. I was pumped to watch the second season but it really didn't do anything for me. Although, lately, I have been catching the reuns and I am starting to get more into it..Iilan is my favorite..I think it's because he is SO sexy MMMM ,I love the judge/chef Tom too..not only is he sexy, but he seems to be down to earth and real.
  13. Anybody watching?

    Who will get kicked out this week and will Marcel last?

    I love Elan but I don't think he will make it much farther. I think his little "dig" of Marcel did not show Top Chef qualities.
  14. I love Sam & Marcel!

  15. I totally agree - I think he took it too far. Of course, we don't see all the drama just what they "edit/allow" us to see; but, Elan's outburst made me feel sorry for Marcel.

    At this point I think there are many strong contenders; however, I think Sam has what it takes to be Top Chef.