Top Chef 2...I seen Marcel!

  1. While in Las Vegas last weekend, My daughter and I were standing in the MGM Grand and here came Marcel..walked right past us..(I'm assuming he was going to work at Joel' Robashan (sp)). Obvious no one noticed or cared..because it seemed I was the only one around us who knew who he was? Needless to say...He wasn't my favorite this season..but it was kinda exciting to see him in person...;)
  2. Thats cute. I dont really like him in the show, he is one weird guy but its always fun to see celeb even if they are the D class celebs ;)
  3. WOW, I'm not sure what I would've done if I had seen him! Is he short? He always seemed on the small side to me.
  4. Cool! I always found myself rooting for him (to be liked...not to win! ;). ???
  5. I liked Marcel. He was the only one who truly cared about cusine, everyone else seemed like they were forced into culinary school. He may have had a bad attitude but that is how he knew to play the game.
  6. IS he short: Not really...he looked like he did on poofed back in that Ace Ventura kinda way...kinda goofy grin...

    He wasn't my favorite(I was rooting for Sam)..but he certainly wasn't my least favorite...that award went to Betty.