Top 5 Timeless Classic Bags besides Hermes

  1. I was just wondering what you consider to be classic purses? Not including the Hermes which will probably always be classic...
  2. chanel calssic flap, any of the LV classics.
  3. The chanel 2.55
  4. LV Speedy 25
  5. Gucci's Jackie bag
    Chanel's black classic flap
    Judith Leiber evening bags
  6. Chanel flap in any leather in staple colors {white, navy, black, brown, red}
  7. Chanel Classic Flap, LV Speedy or Alma, Goyard St. Louis or Croisierre.
  8. chanel
  9. Gucci classic or Jackie O's
  10. For sure, Chanel's 2.55 (flap) - it's been around forever! LV Speedy and pochette. A Burberry Nova check plaid tote.
    I don't know whether it'll make it longer, but the Balenciaga motorcycle has been around now for 5 years, and still going strong.
  11. chanel flaps and LV speedies
  12. LV Speedy!
  13. Chanel classic flap and LV speedy
  14. What bags out there do you think are timeless and classic?
  15. Chanel classic flap is about as classic as you can get IMO!!!