Top 5 Styles of Shoes a Girl Should own?

  1. I was recently looking through my shoe collection, i have so many sexy pumps, boots and slingbacks ... but I was wondering, if I had to pick just a few - what 5 styles of shoes do you think a girl should have to pretty much go no wrong with? Here's mine -

    1. Killer high heeled pointy toe pumps in patent leather
    2. Conservative classic pointy toe pumps for work
    3. Classic slingbacks - go with pretty much everything
    4. Cute ankle boots to wear with skinny leg jeans or pants
    5. Knee high pointy toe stiletto boots for when only that style will do
  2. 1. Black Pointy Pumps
    2. Black Slingbacks
    3. Sexy metallic strappy sandals
    4. Black Boots
    5. Comfy Flats in black maybe? (I love black if you haven't noticed!)
    6. I know you said 5 but I couldn't help myself. So #6 Peep-toe pumps (my favorite style).
  3. In no particular order...

    1. classic pointed toe pump
    2. slingback sandal
    3. leapord shoes
    4. metallic shoes
    5. black boots
  4. I think these are the basics. After you have these, you can add to your collection.
    1. black classic closed toe high heeled pumps
    2. black closed toe flats
    3. black knee high boots
    4. metallic high heeled sandals
    5. a pair of thongs for the summer
  5. Black round toe pumps
    Flat sandals eg flip flops
    Simple flats
    Black slingbacks
    Casual boots
  6. 1 pair simple flats - black or brown
    1 pair pointy toe OR round toe heels (which ever looks good on you) - black or brown
    1 pair ankle or knee high boots
    1 pair sandles (mine happen to be jeweled flip-flops)
    1 pair sneakers/running shoes (to have the killer bod to go with the killer feet)
  7. Black pointy-toed heels
    Brown pointy-toed heels
    Black peep toes
    Flip flops
    Pair of red heels
  8. black pointy toe pumps
    knee high boots
    metallic sandals
    peep toe pumps
  9. Well, I know what works for me

    1. designer brown and black strappy stiletto sandals - go with everything, worn frequently, much commented on!
    2. tall smoldering sexy round toe boots - work all day for you
    3. black comfortable but stylish (think G3) wedges - makes you 4 inches taller, comfortably under long jeans!
    4. black rubber thongs - for day to day, watering the lawn etc
    5. sexiest/tallest heels you can walk four feet in - for nights with your man ;)
  10. Aside from trainers of some kind, and flipflops which are really easy to get anyway...

    1. Black boots that can be worn with casual or dress clothes
    2. Dressy sandals
    3. Flats
    4. Funky shoes of some sort for parties or w/e
    5. Warm winter boots
  11. Boots...Knee high and ankle length
    Wedges---For summer dresses and capris
    Stilletos--Party/evening dates
    Strappy sandals---For sexy and or dresses
    Pumps...Every day wear

    I didn't specify colors because I have a variety of colors that I like to wear. I do have a lot of variations of brown though.
  12. 1- Leather boots for winter
    2- Classic pumps for work
    3- A pair of comfy and stylish flats : trendy trainers (Puma) or ballerinas
    4- sandals or flip flops for summer
    5- Sexy stiletos for going out
  13. 1. Black pointy toe stiletto heel pumps
    2. Black slingbacks
    3. Stylish sneakers (Pumas, Lacoste types)
    4. Tall black hnee high boots
    5. High heel stiletto - either strappy or peep toe for evenings
  14. 1.Basic pump
    2.sandels(to dress up or down)
    3.comfy flats
    4.flip flops, sneakers
    5. wedges
  15. 1. Basic pointy-toed pump for work
    2. Knee-high pointy-toed stiletto boot - classic and versatile
    3. Cute ankle boots that can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit
    4. Peep-toe patent leather shoes - for fun!
    5. Strappy heels for a night out on the town