Top 5 Musical Duets!

  1. In your opinion, which 5 songs top that list?

    In no particular order, mine would be:

    1) Up Where We Belong- Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
    2) The Boy is Mine- Brandy and Monica
    3) Encore/Numb- Jay-Z and Linkin Park
    4) One Sweet Day- Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men
    5) When You Believe- Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

    Obviously there are waaaay more than five, but those are the ones off the top of my head!

    What are yours?

  2. Tell Him - Celine Dion / Barbra Streisand
    Something Stupid - Frank Sinatra / Nancy Sinatra
    Live Through This - Courtney Love / Kurt Cobain
    If I Told You That - Whitney Houston / George Michael
    I'm Your Angel - Celine Dion / R. Kelly
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