Top 5 Mulberry Bags IYO


Aug 24, 2010
So much fun reading this thread! I have been reminded of a lot of Mulberry models I had forgotten about! My top 5 favourites and the ones I use most regularly are:

Oak Darwin Roxanne (it's an oldie but a goodie!)
Chocolate Brooke
Oversized bayswater clutch in sludge grey suede
Grass green Lily
Flame small Bryn satchel

Surprisingly, I'm not all that much a fan of Bayswaters! I know, it's a blasphemous thing to say. I bought my first one a couple of years ago and just sold it recently- I find the straps too narrow, the turn lock digs in when worn on shoulder, and I really hate carrying bags on the crook of my arm. However I did make an exception for the green glossy goat bays as I loved the colour- I only carry her less than once a month though. Also, does anyone else find that the lily (and all flap bags in general) is just a really poor design? The strap is at the top of the bag, the top of the bag is only held down by the turn lock, and the shape of the bag warps if you put more than your purse and phone in. I guess it is really just an evening bag! But again, I love mine in that awesome grass green.
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Oct 4, 2009
Okay - here are mine :smile:

Bays - just classic

Alexa - hip

Cara - versatile (not sure why so many think it will be out, it reminds me so much of a square bays)

Mabel - organization and comfort

Lily - sweet chic
Nov 28, 2013
I so love these my faves of all your beautiful bags!!!!!

They make up the majority of my collections now [emoji81] i have these med lily, the cookie trio, the bays collection and 1 Cara. I'd have to say getting the med lily collection was the hardest, specially with emerald and MM [emoji81]