Top 5 classic Chanel bags - help a newbie

  1. Hi, I'd like everyone's advice as to what a newbie should get for her first Chanel. I need to be educated so I can make an informed decision.

    So what are the top 5 classic bags? Please post pics because I'm a total novice regarding Miss Chanel's bags.

    For me, I'm 47, a social worker, and dress very casually. For comparison, my LV's are: red epi speedy, fuschia denim baggy, and tambourin. I prefer silver over gold hardware (hardware color can be a deal-breaker) and my favorite color is red. My favorite bag style is hobo or messenger but I'm not a fan of the uber-huge bags that are the rage today. Oh, and it needs a shoulder strap.

    Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing pics of luscious Chanel bags.
  2. Check our the new red Expandable Flap or tote
    Either a GST or PST - tons of pics in our library, good value, lots of different colors
    and most will recommend a Classic flap.
  3. 1. Definately a red jumbo flap in caviar (you can use it messenger style and I've heard it fits a ton)

    2. Medium Flap in black for day/night

    3. GST in any color

    Maybe some sort of bowler as a "fun" bag and a reissue for going out?

    Cabas is good if you like hobo styles. I think that's going to be my next Chanel splurge, if I can find one in black. Here's a silver:
  4. I'm a newbie myself and just went crazy buying everything - buy now, decide later as someone's avatar reads! But welcome to Chanel, join the madness :lol:

    Anyway...I got two of the classics:
    -classic Jumbo flap
    -GST; this season it's out in black, brown, I think navy (but I haven't seen any) and bordeaux <-- v. pretty deep wine color, almost brown; you might like that!

    both of these are available with silver H/W

    As everyone else here says, go and try on anything that interests you to see how they look on you. I did and still can't decide...
  5. I think a flap and a GST are the two bags I would look to purchase first-but it is soooo impt to try them on . Sometimes what u think u like isn't all that comfortable .
  6. i am a total newbie and only have one chanel bag so far. the black pst with gold h/w. i definitely want a flap next- maybe a classic black caviar flap with silver h/w. i also think the cerf tote, the medallion tote and the GST complete a classic chanel collection.
  7. A tote, a flap, and a clutch or pochette is a nice start.
  8. I am an advocate of the reissue hehehe. Ok here are my top 5 classic bags (in no particular order of preference):

    1. Reissue in matte colour (or the metallic black)
    2. Classic flap
    3. GST
    4. Luxury bowler (I just LOVE this bag!)
    5. This is a tough one but I just love the Timeless Clutch

    You need to try them on to see what works for you. FYI I am not a big tote fan, which is why there is only one tote in my top 5 list hehee.
  9. Pity me, one and all! I live the wilderness of western Michigan and the nearest boutique is 3 hours away.

    My chances of seeing them in person are, for now, nil. However, someday I will travel to the big city and hit both the Chanel and LV boutiques.

    So for LV I shop at Elux - where can I shop online for Chanel? I haven't found their website to be all that friendly.
  10. you can't shop for Chanel online.

    You can only phone an order in at a store.
  11. I would suggest a jumbo caviar classic flap in red or black. You may also like the GST in bordeaux. All with silver hardware :heart:
  12. Why not get a classic flap in a color you love? They are so versatile - never are outdated and go from night to day and I love the subtle changes from the chains to the logo ...

    I have a classic black/gold but my fav classic flap are my reissues - luv the chains on them:
  13. Hi! I'm a newbie too....After doing some research on here, I bought a classic flap as my first purchase. For me, when you think of Chanel, the first thing that comes to mind is the flap. Since you like the hobo type of bags...I think sratsey is right on w/ the cabas.
  14. I'm of a different opinion ... my first Chanel was the cambon pochette; however, I've since sold that and upgraded to my all-time favorite Chanel (so far): the Timeless clutch.

    I prefer Chanel for evening bags over the regular everyday standard handbag.
  15. I would say that the most classic are the GST and the Flaps.

    Kinda funny, since I tend to buy the more trendy Chanel bags (I guess I feel like I'm young and want more "fun" bags").