Top 5 choices from new book/floor set?

  1. If you could buy now, what would be in your top 5? The bordeux/khaki combos top my list :smile: :tup: I alway love reading how everyone has different tastes and styles. Thanks in advance for sharing...
  2. I only really MUST have two things:

    The ergo large hobo in red patent
    The Chelsea hobo in mineral

    And if they come out with a winter scarf in the legacy stripe (similar to the sweater in the catalog), I'll probably want that, too!

    The legacy stripe flats are adorable, but I'm only 5'1", and I look like an oompa-loompa when I wear flats.
  3. I think that "mineral" color will go great w/ black or brown this fall/winter season.
  4. My top 5 from the new catalog are:

    Legacy Framed Slim Envelope Wallet #40242.

    Legacy Signature Satchel in Brown #11143.

    Legacy Leather Satchel in Whiskey #11130.

    3 x 5 Turnlock Agenda in Punch #60166.


    Legacy Psychedelic Oblong Scarf #98212.
    Legacy Super Long Skinny Scarf #98211.
    Legacy Concentric Scarf #98210.

    (I'm counting those 3 scarves as one! LOL!)

    Those satchels are A LOT of $$, so I probably won't be getting them until NEXT PCE in the Fall!

    I definitely would like to purchase the wallet, agenda and scarves this summer!:yes:
  5. Here are my top 5...keep in mind I really like the Legacy stripe:

    Legacy Stripe Tote 11126
    Legacy stripe ballet flats Q225
    Legacy stripe wallet 40242
    Legacy stripe psychadelic scarf 98210
    Legacy stripe concentric scarf 98211

    I will also get a few more scarves and possibly a bag or 2...but I want to see/touch them first.
    I plan to order the scarves, tote and shoes tomorrow!:nuts:
  6. That Phython god it's a beauty!