Top 5 best selling bags (in Asia)

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  1. Thank you so much for the link. I love youtube. I will watch now. :smile:
  2. :love:Hermes is Number 1!
  3. Thanks, I enjoyed it.
  4. Very interesting and informative, thanks for the link!!!:ty:
  5. thanks for sharing the link - i enjoyed the show alot :biggrin:
  6. interesting link =) thanks for sharing.

    Chanel got 3 of the top 5. I live in the US so I am a bit suprised with the reseller prices in Asia.The 2.55 Metalic was a 2nd hand bag according to the guy but the price for it in a 2nd hand store is the same as a brand new 2.55 metallic from a Chanel boutique.

    The Hermes bag was obviously a 25cm Ostrich Birkin. The guy talked about how the birkin is obviously very rare and the color pink is even more rare because only a few are produced each year. The girls are obviously all in awe over the bag and its price tag.
  7. The birkin is number one. ;)

    THe whole coulda shoulda woulds episode from SATC is also up on youtube!
  8. interesting..................
  9. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it even though the only words I could understand were LV, Chanel, and Lagerfeld. I got the point, especially when they showed the pink ostrich Birkin. ;)
  10. I loved this video. My Chinese is rusty, but I did catch the "How cute!" when they saw the Birkin.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I didn't understand a word but loved how they treated the birkin with a kind of reverence that they did not show towards any of the other bags.
  12. Thanks for posting! It's funny when you understand Chinese cause you can totally pick up on where each person! Makes me want to be in Hong Kong!!!
  13. Hermes is #1-Go Asia!
  14. THanks for sharing this! Unfortunately, I dropped Chinese class after the first day in college... Can somebody explain to me who the guy is?