Top 40 new season bags

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  1. Thanks for posting this! The Aristolasia clutch looks lovely, and the new Novak is gorgeous (maybe this means the black one will go on sale, which would be fabulous!). :yahoo:
  2. The purple YSL is gorge
  3. Love the Mulberry and the Balenciaga Marine! Thanks for posting this!
  4. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Loving the Jimmy choo Ramona of course. and the Chloe Maggie.
  6. SO many gorgeous bags, I just wasnt sure that the price was right for some of them, a Balenciaga for $500 bucks seemed a little odd...
  7. LOVE the Jimmy Choo Ramona and the Luella Army bag.
  8. Oh I love that pink Alexander Mc Queen
  9. Wow, thanks! That's a great link, and I love that it includes a "Top 20 High Street Bags" section, for us budget fashionistas!
  10. i really want to look at them all, but it is taking FOREVER to load on my computer!
  11. Thanks for posting - wow I love this site!

    I love the AH Allesandra and Chanel Paris Biarritz -

    but sorry, what did LV think? I am sure it is meant to be copy of these plastic bags you can get at any corner for like 2 euro? why would I spent thousands for that??????
  12. I couldn't find one bag in the whole bunch I'd spend a penny on but thanks for sharing.
  13. Pauric
    Thanks for posting this I saw quite a few that I like....
  14. The first Chanel and first McQueen bags really stood out for me. That purple/blue snakeskin is gorgeous.