Top 4 bags:

  1. Please name your top 4 bag models in order. Does not matter if you own them or not, can be Hermes or not....

    Here are mine::love:

    1. Hermes Kelly
    2. Chanel reissue
    3. Hermes Birkin
    4. Chanel classic flap
  2. Here are mine::love:

    1 Hermes birkin
    2 Hermes kelly
    3 Balenciaga city
    4 Mandalian vintage purses

    and...(sorry but 4 is not enough)

    5 Chanel 2.55
    6 Hermes kelly longue
  3. 1. Hermes Birkin
    2. Hermes Kelly
    3. Chanel classic flap
    4. Bottega Veneta woven hobo
  4. Hermes Kelly
    Hermes Birkin
    Chanel I purchased 15 years ago (basic quilted bag with flap- not sure if it's called classic flap)
    Hermes Pan Pochette Clutch
  5. Hermes plume
    Hermes kelly
    Hermes birkin
    Hermes bolide
    LV Suhali (sorry couldn't do 4!)
  6. Hermes Birkin
    Hermes Kelly
    Chanel 2.55
    Balenciaga City
  7. oops, sorry I forgot:

    7 Bottega Veneta woven cabas

    (sorry. I have binge fashion disorders)
  8. That I own:
    Hermes Kelly Vintage
    Fendi Hologram
    Fendi Wisteria
    Chanel Metallic Flap

    If I could have anything I wanted regardless of price
    1. Hermes Kelly in red croc
    2. Hermes Birkin-style..I haven't even thought about it because I figure it's a fantasy
    3. Fendi Spy, the one with pearl sequins that Lindsay Lohan has, I haven't seen it anywhere else
    4. Fendi Sequined Spy, I believe they are extinct and unobtainable except for the few that own them already Greendrv and Olga
  9. Hey, Trama, that's cheating!!!:P

    Here's mine:

    Hermes Kelly
    Hermes Sac Mallette
    Hermes Birkin
    Hermes Plume
  10. 1) Hermes Kelly
    2) Chanel Reissue
    3) Hermes Bolide
    4) Hermes Birkin

    5) Lv BH...I can't lie...I carry this bag more than ANY in my entire collection - it's made for a new mom!
  11. Can somebody help me here? What's a LV BH and a Chanel reissue?
  12. LV BH: ??????????

    Chanel reissue: I think it's the reissue of the 2.55, that has been made without the interlocking Cs on the closing, they have replaced that hw with the a rectangular one that is almost identical to the on Coco Chanel put on the bag when she created it in Febuary 1955
  13. Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal (see e-Luxury)

    ...and Chanel re-issue looks like the classic flap, but distressed leather...fully metal chain (with no leather woven through) and a clasp different than the typical CC. It was/is the 50 year anniversary bag of the original Chanel black classic bag...(middle one on bottom)
    all Chanel.JPG
  14. Hermes Birkin
    Hermes Kelly
    Balenciaga City (Old leather)
    Balenciaga Twiggy (Old leather)
  15. birkin, kelly, JPG shoulder birkin, JPG kelly pouchette