top 3 timeless bags

  1. hi guys! this is my first time to post and im newly addicted to chanel purses. with all the price increase, i feel i just have to start my collection fast. so as a newbie, what are the top 3 classic bags you can recommend me to have first, silver or gold h/w, i dont match my bag's hardware with my jewelry so help!... my choices right now are: a jumbo classic flap in caviar with gold h/w, kelly bag in lambskin with silver h/w- no choice since it only comes right now in that h/w and size which is comparable to the medium flap which im sure all of you are aware of. i only plan to buy them in black. im very open to your comments/suggestions. please feel free to educate me as to why you choose them. i like the timeless line bec. albeit costly, its the look that people will endlessly seek and not just a fleeting trend. thanks in advance!!!
  2. 3?
    Jumbo classic Flap
    Grand Shopping Tote
    Timeless Classic Clutch

    the Kelly is also very classic if you prefer it over a clutch.
  3. GST
    Jumbo caviar in black
    hmmmm........cerf tote
  4. thanks swanky and jill.....
  5. GST
    Reissue 226 or 227
  6. GST black with GH
    Jumbo Flap in any color
  7. -Jumbo classic flap
    -Timeless clutch
    -And any of the flaps with the mademoiselle lock, such as the reissue.
  8. Jumbo classic flap
    Cerf tote
    timless classic clutch
  9. I totally agree! As for hardware- I love gold, I feel silver is more modern than classic, but that's just my opinion.
  10. classic flap ( either med or jumbo)
    GST/PST/timeless tote- size depends on preference.
  11. I'll say almost the same:
    - Jumbo flap;
    - Timeless clutch; and
    - Cerf tote.

    I don't like the logos on the GST.
  12. Classic Flap Medium
  13. lol same as everyone else:
    - GST
    - Any Jumbo
    - Any Reissue

    Good luck!
  14. Classic Flap w/ gold HW
    Cerf Tote
  15. mine is somewhat similar to everyone else::smile:

    1. tote (GST or PST)
    2. classic flap (medium or jumbo)
    3. clutch (as an evening bag)