top 3 timeless bags


Nov 30, 2006
hi guys! this is my first time to post and im newly addicted to chanel purses. with all the price increase, i feel i just have to start my collection fast. so as a newbie, what are the top 3 classic bags you can recommend me to have first, silver or gold h/w, i dont match my bag's hardware with my jewelry so help!... my choices right now are: a jumbo classic flap in caviar with gold h/w, kelly bag in lambskin with silver h/w- no choice since it only comes right now in that h/w and size which is comparable to the medium flap which im sure all of you are aware of. i only plan to buy them in black. im very open to your comments/suggestions. please feel free to educate me as to why you choose them. i like the timeless line bec. albeit costly, its the look that people will endlessly seek and not just a fleeting trend. thanks in advance!!!