top 3 popular chanel purse on this board?

  1. is it possible to narrow down the top 3 most popular chanel handbags?
  2. I'd guess the Classic Flap or Reissue
    Grand Shopping Tote and currently a Coco Cabas style
    TOTALLY guessing.
  3. Luxury bowler? the cabas and classic flap/reisuue. i'm guessing too.
  4. Hmm current popularity/demand/availability?, and try to narrow it by bag size/leather? I can only guess two?

    Large Coco cabas in vinyl
    Jumbo caviar patent navy

    interesting to see what people say . . .
  5. I think that's pretty accurate :yes:
  6. My lucky picks: Flap bag (classic/reissue), coco cabas, Cambon ;)
  7. I agree with Swanky! At least that's what I am liking too!!!
  8. on this board, i'd say the classic flaps and reissues followed by the grand shopping tote and then cambon bags.... although the coco cabas has been getting alot of attention lately too.
  9. I agree...Good job!...From what I've been reading here I think you hit the nail on the head Swanky!!! :heart: Emmy
  10. IMO....
    1)Coco Cabas
    3)Lux Bowler
  11. Agree with swanky here.
  12. Me too, agree with Swanky.

  13. I agree with Swanky and Lainey.
  14. I would say :
    1 Classic flap
    2 Reissue
    3 Coco Cabas
  15. Swanky hit it dead on!