Top 3 Must Have LV Items

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  1. Hi all,

    Thought it might be fun to start a thread about people's absolute favourite, can't live without LV items... If you could choose ONLY 3 items from or for your collection, what would they be? Please include prints and sizes :biggrin:

    For me:
    1. Speedy B 35 in Mono
    2. Keepall Bandouliere 50 in Mono
    3. Eva clutch in Damier Azur (closely followed by the Mono)
  2. 1) Empreinte key pouch in noir
    2) GM agenda in monogram
    3) Palm Spring mini backpack

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  3. Mono Neverfull MM
    DE Speedy B25
    DE Eva
  4. If I were a woman, these would be my top three items:

    Alma PM in Épi leather
    Keepall or Carryall in Mono Canvas
    Zippy wallet in Épi leather
  5. For a dude:

    Zippy Vertical
    Christopher PM in Mono Macassar
    A tote (for me it's the now discontinued Davis)
  6. 1) zcw om in mono
    2) Mabillion mono
    3) cosmetic pouch mm mono
  7. I only own 3 item so it's easy:

    Speedy B 30 DE
    Mono 6 key holder RB
    Cles Pochette mono

    Great thread!
  8. Eva clutch in DE (use her everyday)
    Cles in Azur
    Origami compact wallet in DE

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  9. Nomade Alma
    Epi ivoire Alma
    Trevi PM
  10. Monogram Speedy 30
    Monogram Cosmetic Pouch
    Monogram French Purse
  11. For man:
    1.) Palk
    2.) Jake Tote or Kitan tote
    3.) Pocket Organizer or Brazza wallet

    For women:
    1.) Artsy
    2.) Sarah wallet in empreinte
    3.) Noe
  12. Classic Speedy in Monogram or DE
    Epi Alma BB
    SC PM

    * I focused on my top 3 bags vs slg's, but I believe LV makes the absolute best slg's " out there"
  13. Mono Neverfull gm
    Mono cles
    Mono mini pochette
  14. Speedy

    In any size or material
  15. 1. Speedy or Speedy B in any size
    2. Monogram shawl
    3. Sarah wallet.
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