Top 3 Lv Bags

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  1. Ok... just tell me the top 3 favorite Lv bags... But not the LE...For me...

    1.mono speedy she is classic:heart:
    2.damier duomo she is classy:heart:
    3.epi RED montaigne pm she is sexy:heart:
  2. Hmm...this was hard to choose only 3... for me... and in no particular order...

    1. my mono Malsherbes, she is my classy.
    2. my Suhali Le Talenteaux, she is one of my goes with everything bag.
    3. my Noe, she is my trusted carry anywhere and everywhere.
  3. BH - she's versatile and cute!

    Speedy - a classic staple and a necessity of any LV fan!

    Pomme Reade pm - cute, perfect size for going out and gorgeous :drool:
  4. O:huh: Top 3? Geesh that's a little hard...

    In no particular order.

    1. Miroir Alma GM Silver
    2. Multicolore Mink Messenger
    3. Patchwork Bowly Gris
  5. Speedy 30

    Beverly MM (woot just got one)

    Sunset blvd in Amarante
  6. Hmmm...this is hard, but here goes:

    1) My Multipli-Cite --- because she's so functional.
    2) My anthracite Nimbus GM --- because she's so eye-grabbing classy.
    3) My bordeaux Mirage Speedy --- because she's so sexy gorgeous!
  7. Only three....hmmmmm..
    speedy, it is a classic
    cabas mezzo it is a workhorse and nice and llight
    neo cabby, I love denim.
  8. 1. Black Alma - Understated elegance and classy to the max
    2. Damier Speedy -

    I can't do it! I have too many I love! Sorry!
  9. Damier Trevi MM, Suhali Le Fabuleux, and Denim Flat Shopper.
  10. 1. Stratus PM beige :drool: (so versatile, goes with everything casual or dressy)

    2. Mahina XL noir

    3. Speedy 30
  11. Question: Do you want us to name the top 3 favorite bags out of OUR collection or ANY top 3 LVs?

    Sorry if I misunderstood. :shame:
  12. Top 3 from my collection in no particular order are:
    1-Mahina XL Gris
    2-Mono Stephen
  13. 1. Corsaire
    2. Mahina XL
    3. Speedy...........cause I agree, it's a little like a right of passage. Who doesn't have one at one time or another?
  14. ha, interesting.... for me

    1. speedy: classic
    2. piano: practical everyday
    3. MC noe (white): my summer love
  15. 1) Mono Speedy - absolute classic
    2) Mono Mezzo Cabas - one of the most useful bags I have ever used...ever!
    3) Mono BH - fabulous casual wear!