Tech Top 3 Gadgets Must Have For 2010

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  1. Top 3 Gadgets Must Have For 2010

    Iphone or Blackberry
    Philips 3D TV

    What's on your list?
  2. iPhone 4
    Sony Nex3
    and a computer/laptop/netbook LOL!
  3. I already got my ereader so the only gadget I need is a new notebook - preferably a new Sony one with blue-ray player.
  4. I already have them, but my favorites are my iphone, kindle, ipad, and macbook pro (i couldn't pick 3). If I had to do 3 I could maybe eliminate the ipad...but it'd be really hard!
  5. I got my macbook pro last month. bluetooth earphones for cell phones help reduce radiation a lot, inexpensive, but helpful.
  6. macbook
  7. I gotta get a Kindle. Can't decide which size. Macbook Pro & Blackberry.
  8. That I don't have yet?

    Sony E-Reader of my own if not use the one I got my guy

    That's really it.
  9. Iphone
  10. I have two of the three

    I have:

    Apple Macbook Air 11"