Top 3 fave bands?

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  1. What are your top 3 fave bands and song by them? I'm curious to see what kinda music everyone is into. :nuts:

    Here are my top 3:

    1. 311
    Fave song at the moment: Sweet

    2. Chiodos
    Fave song at the moment: Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute at the Creek

    3. Sublime
    Fave song at the moment: Chico Me Tipo
  2. Okay- John I will show my age here..LOL

    Earth Wind and Fire
    Fleetwood Mac
  3. My top three bands...well does it have to be a band?

    Christina Aguilera
    fave song: ack can't remmeber title....from Stripped acoustic song about her Dad

    fave song: too many to choose!

    Eminem...again too many good songs!

    UGH 3 is too short.

    If it had to be bands:

    Rolling Stones
    Bob Seger Band
    ....can't think of another band
  4. 3 is definitely too little! lol
    I also like 311 and Sublime.
    Jack Johnson
    Tori Amos
    err...Fall out boy
  5. 311, No Doubt, and no particular order :yes:
  6. Van Morrison (classic), The Shins, Lou Reed, U2
  7. Audioslave (who just recently broke up :crybaby:)
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Alice in Chains

    ... in no particular order but I love loads of other bands ;)
  8. Depeche Mode
    The Eagles
    Can't group the 3rd into just one group so I will say Dance/XM BPM radio LOL
  9. sound garden, googoo dolls and pantera :smile:
  10. Staind
    Type O Negative
    Rob Zombie
    30 seconds to Mars (sorry I just love Jared! LOL)
  11. I am SUCH an 80's hair band girl....

    * Bon Jovi
    *Def Leppard
    *Poison and Motley Crue

    I am also a big Hinder fan...

    fave songs? hmmm, thats would be hard to narrow down...
  12. Fave bands, not singers:

    Metallica :rochard: Yeah Baby!

    Journey........Honorable Mention :p
  13. Was it the one with the video of her in the circus? If so, thats "Hurt"
  14. Wow, picking only three is hard.. so.. i'm picking 5 (in no order)

    Hanson HANSON.NET
    Fav song at the mo- Love Somebody To Know (off their acoustic album)

    OURS (ours official site)
    Fav song at the mo- Red Colored Stars or Black

    The Mooney Suzuki The Mooney Suzuki > Alive & Amplified
    Fav song at the mo- Shake That Bush Again (hahahaha)

    The Long Winters The Long Winters | Seattle, WA
    Fav song at the mo- Unsalted Butter or Medicine Cabinet Pirate

    The Cure (do you really need a link?!)
    Fav song ALWAYS- Love Cats:heart:

    okayokay, one more!

    Fav song at the mo- Anything off the Angst album, but i love alllll their music! :smile:

    Fiona Apple is up there too!

  15. ^ OMG Hanson! :heart:

    Haha okay.. so my 2 all time favourite bands are Oasis and The Beatles :smile: Another band I love (especially their Strange Geometry CD) is The Clientele :smile: