Top 10 Women Men Want To Marry!

  1. had a cool survey and they asked men what celebrity woman they would want to marry and have children with, NOT a one night stand. Here's the list...

    1. Jessica Alba
    2. Sienna Miller - I didn't think many men knew who she was!
    3. Angelina Jolie
    4. Adriana Lima
    5. Maria Menounos
    6. Charlize Theron
    7. Jessica Biel
    8. Amerie
    9. Natalie Portman
    10. Eva Longoria

    I think that the list (atleast top 10) is very good and the men who participated in this survery have great taste in women! No Paris Hilton in sight!
  2. Angelina Jolie?!?!?! Marriage?!?!?! :blink:

    I don't know why...but she seems more like one night stand material to me.
  3. I don't know who numbers 4,5,& 8 are.
  4. #4 is a model. She's done a lot of work for Victoria's Secret. Her pic is ILoveCoach's avitar.

    #5 Maria Manounos is a correspondent on the E! channel.

    #8 Amerie is an R&B singer.
  5. I'm surprized at the #1 spot. Jessica Alba? I just don't see all that much beauty in her.
  6. My BF loves her, he thinks she is so beautiful! I know what your saying, but I guess she just has that "special something" that guys go Ga-Ga over!
  7. What?? I'm not on the list??? :mad:

  8. LoL, Swedie, you were #11 ;)
  9. jessica alba is meaningless.
  10. sienna miller? ok so most men want a woman who doesn't dump you when you cheat on her..
  11. Me either! Never heard of any of them!
  12. I wonder what the age group was of the men that were asked? I'm really surprized at most of them on this list. It's not who I would have picked if I were a man.
  13. my bf loves her too! all guys i know would marry her in a second.
  14. Remember its "men" they asked. They don't always use the same thinking tool we women do...........:shame: :P
  15. What? Halle Berry got snuffed! Booo!