Top 10 weirdest handbags [PIC]

  1. Love the keyboard one!!
  2. Yikes, the frog is ugly. LOL
  3. Horrible all of them LOL
  4. lmao


    my 8 year old daughter has that pug purse LOL
  5. The Dillards near me carried that guitar purse in the kids' section for a long time. I thought it was cute for a child.
  6. Wow they are crazy - check out the others - the faces and the one with the hand are freaky!!
  7. I expected to see the LV tribute bag in the bunch but that would have to be worlds ugliest bags.
  8. omg....
    **jILL IS RUNNING OUT get that fab frog bag......***

  9. The faces scare me.
  10. [​IMG]

    Talk about having feet on the bottom of your bag!
  11. hahah! I love teh dachsund one!!!!
  12. Hehe...the pug is cute :sneaky:
  13. I love the pug and the keyboard! The others scare me. haha
  14. :nuts: Where can I buy the frog? I'm sure I'd be the envy of the neighborhood!