TOP 10 celebs men/women lust after (US Glamour 10/06)

  1. from Glamour October 2006 US Edition

    TOP 10 celebs men lust after
    1. Scarlett Johansson
    2. Angelina Jolie
    3. Jessica Alba
    4. Jessica Simpson
    5. Keira Knightley
    6. Halle Berry
    7. Jenny McCarthy
    8. Maria Sharapova
    9. Carmen Electra
    10. Teri Hatcher

    TOP 10 celebs women lust after
    1. Patrick Dempsey
    2. Orlando Bloom
    3. Colin Farrell
    4. Johnny Depp
    5. Jake Gyllenhaal
    6. Brad Pitt
    7. George Clooney
    8. Jon Stewart
    9. Jamie Foxx
    10. Denzel Washington
  2. What, no Clive Owen on that list? He's at the top of mine :shame: I'm glad Jon Stewarts on there. Funny guys = :heart:
  3. Yes ! My thoughts exactly, where IS Clive Owen ?! :love:
  4. I do not get the Patrick Dempsey thing at all ! And # 1 ! I don't find him even mildly attractive .

    Matthew Fox is a different story .
  5. I totally agree with the Clive Owen thing. I'm surprised Salma Hayek is not on the men's list.
  6. Where's Matthew McConaghey???
    He's on my "5 people I'm allowed to sleep with list without DH getting mad!!"

    Yuck, Johnny Depp? I never got that.
  7. where is Wentworth Miller ????
  8. yeah, where is clive owen? some ppl who made it to the list.. hmm.. never in a million years.. hehe...
  9. I'm really suprised Matthew McConaughey isn't on that list too. I love that Jon Stewart made it though, I love him!!

    I don't get the appeal of Orlando Bloom man should be that pretty.
  10. :yes: travesty i say!

    there's a lot of people missing from that list. the only one i find remotely attractive is jake gyllenhaal...and brokeback kind of ruined him for me.
  11. Same here. =)
  12. Why the h:cursing: is Denzel at number 10??? He should be much higher than that.

    OH wait...I think I know why :rolleyes:

  13. I think there is really no point in involving racial prejudice in this thread. :idea:
  14. I wouldn't even put him at 10. . . but that has nothing to do w/ his color. I prefer LL Cool J and I personally would've put him before Orlando Bloom. Race isn't always the reason behind people's choices/motives.
    Jamie Foxx made #9 and his veneers are distracting for me. . . I don't think he's very attractive either. I think Wayne Brady, LL cool J are cuter and I also think there's way more handsome men missing frm this list!
  15. LOL...I agree..LL cool J should be there..

    I wonder who made those lists...shocking:drool: !!