Top 10 ANTM Makeovers

  1. In the world of high fashion, sometimes a pretty face isn’t enough. See how these runway wannabes went from ordinary to extraordinary after getting tweezed, waxed, colored, and coiffed.

    Tuesday, February, 5, 2008, 11:50 PM


    Gangly, awkward Walgreens employee Shandi Sullivan from Cycle 2 went from drab to fab thanks to some contact lenses, hair dye, and some very strong tweezers.

    Yoanna House dropped 60 pounds before appearing on the show, but it was the classic beauty’s Mohawk makeover that catapulted her to the title of "America's Next Top Model" in Cycle 2.
    Shandi.jpg Shandi 2.jpg Yoanna.jpg Yoanna 2.jpg
  2. Amanda Swafford shocked her fellow Cycle 3 contestants when she revealed that she was legally blind. Amanda’s platinum coif made her icy blue eyes pop, and she turned them from a handicap to an asset.

    Norelle Van Herk from Cycle 3 was transformed from cute girl next door to sexy siren after getting her braces removed and her hair shortened.
    Amanda.jpg Amanda 2.jpg Norelle.jpg Norelle 2.jpg
  3. Jaeda Young of Cycle 7 bawled through her makeover, but the tears were worth it. Her short new ‘do invited comparisons to Halle Berry, which is never a bad thing!

    A shorter, softer cut took the edge away from tough-as-nails Renee Alway of Cycle 8 and carried her all the way to a third-place finish.
    Jaeda.jpg Jaeda 2.jpg Renee.jpg Renee 2.jpg
  4. Cycle 6's Jade Cole wanted long dark hair, and got the complete opposite: short blond curls. The deluded diva managed to work her look, and brought new meaning to the word “fierce.”

    Bianca Golden of Cycle 9 shed her locks -- and her temper -- after getting made over. The hardened Queens native even learned how to smile.
    Jade.jpg Jade 2.jpg Bianca.jpg Bianca 2.jpg
  5. Joanie Dodds’ hair went a few shades lighter, but her biggest transformation was the removal of her snaggletooth, which brought out her beautiful smile and helped lead to a runner-up finish in Cycle 6.

    Cycle 7's Melrose Bickerstaff was criticized early on for not having the freshest face, but as a blonde she had newfound energy and attitude.
    Joanie.jpg Joanie 2.jpg Melrose.jpg Melrose 2.jpg
  6. I thought Amanda was stunning as a blonde but as the season went on, they forgot to touch up her roots which I thought looked trashy.

    My favorite make over was Shandi...she also was my favorite contestant(tied with Danielle). She should have won.
  7. i still think renee was robbed!
  8. i never with the judges pcik for winner..:tdown:
  9. Ugh Melrose...I didn't like her! I love ANTM :amuse:
  10. but it was hilarious when she lost (even though caridee never made it as a model!), i tried so hard and everyone thinks i'm such a ***** and it's just so unfair!

    that was funny!! man jada & ann super annoyed me with their makeovers nonstop crying etc etc. but on the ANTM recap thing i couldn't believe they were making fun of jael for crying...she sat for 8-10 hours getting a weave only to find out that they are removing it. i'd cry too!
  11. ^:yes:
  12. I think that the most dramatic makeover was Shandi... she went from Walgreens to the top!
  13. she definitely won the award for most improved! the twins ended up being quite beautiful too...but their overall appearance didn't change as drastically. they just photographed well
  14. I liked the twins later on in the first they were so awkward.
  15. i liked Joanie's makeover.. especially when they removed her snaggle tooth