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    Spend up to $100, save 10%
    Spend $101-$250, save 15%
    Spend over $250, save 20%
    *Not to be combined with any other coupons or promotions. Excludes sale items.
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    Toots&Tallie Thanksgiving Weekend Savings!

    "Black Friday" Sale!
    Get a jump on your holiday shopping with Toots&Tallie's second annual "Black Friday" sale Friday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Nov.25. The more you spend, the more you save! Here's how it works:

    Purchase up to $100, Save 10%
    Purchase $101-250, Save 15%
    Purchase over $250, Save 20%
    (excludes sale items)

    Want to order on our website? All orders from are 20% off NOW through Nov. 25. Free shipping on orders over $200! Discount taken at checkout.

    This is a great chance to shop for any woman on your list, but don't forget something for yourself. After all, you'll need something to wear to the upcoming holiday parties!

    Wishing you, your family and friends a safe, fun, and fashionable holiday season,
    Adrienne Kowalski