Toothpaste and H Scarves: Bad Mix

  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I was in a massive hurry this morning and didn't follow my standard routine:

    1. toothpaste 2. scarf, 3. lipstick, and 4. no eating or drinking while wearing scarf.

    I splashed a tiny spot of toothpaste on my BRAND NEW scarf and didn't see it until this evening, when I noticed a small, powdery dot on the scarf. When I brushed it away, the color underneath was gone, and a smaller hole was in the center.

    I'm very sad now. I'm also a little worried about what this toothpaste might be doing to my teeth. But mostly I'm sad about my new scarf. It was a Persona in the black colorway, and it was pretty on me.

  2. Oh gga I'm so sorry. Is there a way you can tie the scarf so that spot doesn't show?
  3. OMG - I'm so sorry! Good info to know!
  4. Pepper, Yes, I can. I'll fold it so the eyesore-blotch doesn't show, and I'll probably use it in all sorts of weird ways that I would never consider doing with a perfect, pristine scarf. I'm trying not to revert to my terrible twos and throw myself in a tantrum on the floor. Sigh.

    I just wanted to let people know that stupid whitening toothpastes with bleach can actually damage stupid scarves if their stupid owners are stupid careless. GRRRR.
  5. So sorry this happened. I know this is no consolation, but once I have a spot, pull, etc on a scarf, I then wear it with wreckless abandon and actually enjoy it more, in weird way.

    Don't worry about your teeth, silk is very delicate.
  6. Oh NO!

    Did the toothpaste have a whitening agent or peroxide in it? I have had tootpaste stain items, but never bleach them.

    That is a hard scarf to replace too!
  7. Our posts crossed, thinking the same way.
    Another thought, I do have duplicates of a couple of my very favorite scarves.
    The worst thing that happens is losing one. Very sad.
  8. Yes, and

    I know. I've been on the phone for an hour. WAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    My own stupid fault. Stupid old stupid bleaching toothpaste.

    Thanks golconda. At least I don't have to worry about my teeth. Although I could probably replace THEM easier than the scarf.

  9. Oh no gga!!
    So sorry . . . .:crybaby:
  10. GGA,

    I lost a scarf last weekend, and it has been maybe you will be as lucky. :heart: I think losing a scarf is horrible, because even if you do replace the patern you may never get the same colorway again and who know if and when they could reissue it....
  11. Thanks, y'all.

    I'm NEVER getting toothpaste near a scarf again.

    On a positive note, I tried Grand Fonds's scarf washing instructions, and they're easy and absolutely perfect. I don't think I'll ever dry clean another scarf.
  12. How terrible !

    But thank you so much for sharing, it will make me a little more careful.
  13. okay, gga this is terribly unfortunately, but you were terribly funny writing about it and i laughed all the way down. i'm sorry, but it's true.
    ITA with golconda - i totally relax more around imperfect things and enjoy them more. it seems you were a little too relaxed around your perfect scarf to begin with though - brushing your teeth, tsk tsk (pssst, i would sooo do that). creepy about the silk-eating paste.
  14. hermeslady - i know it's a SO lurking beneath the scarf in your avatar, but it looks like your bag is dressed as an hermes ghost for halloween (which makes me giggle - i'm in a silly mood).
  15. ^^LOL (more like a snort, actually!)