1. :crybaby:Gals, my molar is hurting extremely bad, I feel like crying! I have an appointment with my dentist in 2 weeks, since she is out on vacation and I dont want to see any other dentist! I think I probably have a cavity, what are some pain relievers that will help ease the pain, or any advice that will help me?:crybaby:
  2. Hi Cindy... I'm a dentist, but a fulltime mom at the moment.;)
    you can use any OTC analgesic or pain reliever that you are not allergic with... maximum strength.
    or you could get some toothache drops found on drugstores.(OTC)
    Hope it helps...:flowers:
  3. Hi Cindy, in the meantime if your dentist is away on vacation. Probably be better if you go and get antibiotics to suppress the pain or reduce inflammation. Pain killers might not work.

    If they don't work you might have to see another dentist to relieve you of that pain.....could be a dying tooth.

    What are your symptoms? Response to cold/hot/pressure/biting/achingconstantly?????

    If it is a hole in a tooth try and get some oil of cloves....might help as well.
  4. ***hugs*** i totally know how you feel... i reckon tooth pain is the worst pain ever!!! ***hugs***
  5. Dont wait. Get to another dentist now because if your in pain now, you dont even want to imagine what an absess tooth feels like. And that happens if you put off tooth ache pain for too long.
  6. Thanks everyone.
    The pain come's and goes, The only time that it hurts is when I drink something hot or cold and I feel a sharp pain as soon as the drink touches the tooth, other than that no real sharp pains but I do feel it, umm it's sort of a throbbing type pain.
    Thanks everyone for the advice and support, and a BIG Thanks to you HelenNZ for my hugs!
  7. Hang in there and find another dentist as soon as you can! I had the same thing happen to me and I ended up needing a crown as I had a fractured tooth.

  8. I don't want to alarm you. But if your reacting to hot usually isn't a good sign.

    Try tapping the tooth with the end of teaspoon, if you feel sensitivity, i suggest you go to a dentist to relieve you of pain, could be an abcess/dying tooth.

    If it is dying tooth they can do a "pulpotomy" (extract a bit of the nerve to relieve the pressure inside and bacteria) and put an antibiotic inside tooth and a sedative filling until your dentist comes back from vacation. Then your dentist can start Root canal therapy or give you another option.

  9. Hi I'm also a dentist...It's hard to say an exact diagnosis w/o an xray of the tooth but it sounds like reversiable pulpitits (inflammation of the plup (the bundle of tissue inside the tooth that provides nutrients and sensation)). This can be cause by a cavity. GO to the dentist ASAP. If you wait for your dentist to return the tooth could progress to irreversiable puplitis which would require a root canal to repair the tooth. If no allergy to motrin and you are not asthmatic, pregnant or have any other medical condition that your doctor/dentist has advised to not take ibprofen, motrin 800 mg every 4-6 h will help with the pain. How long does the cold sensation last? Any pain while chewing?
  10. There's actually no pain at all when I chew anything, and I tried the spoon tapping and it didnt hurt at all. Im over this gals, im just going to make an appointment with another dentist. Im pretty terrified with what all you ladies told me it could be or better yet what it could develop into if I keep waiting. Thanks again.:flowers::girlsigh:
  11. my father is a big fan of putting crown royal on it.

    Not drinking it but dabbing it witha qtip like you would anbesol

  12. i had an abcess and it was no fun.
    your dentist is on vacation but will he/she answer calls and call in an antibiotic or is there someone covering that can see you and start treating the infection until your dentist can get back.
  13. motrin and compresses provided some comfort. hope you can find some comfort to be able to rest. toothaches are not fun at all.