Tooth Whitening VERY Painful! How to rebuild enamel?

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  1. I had my teeth whitened at the dentist in 2004 and every since my teeth have been to sensitive to whiten.. I use a crest strip 1 time and the next day im in so much pain that the next application is out of the question! I called my dentist awhile ago and he said there is an enamel building tooth paste available to help be build the enamel making the teeth less sensitive. Have yall heard of this? Any other opinions? I use sensodine enamel building tooth paste twice/day and have been for awhile but it hasnt helped. :sad:
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  3. awwww, ouchhhhh. i know that pain. but being sensitive still after all these years -- makes sense how your enamel has worn off from the professional whitening you got done at the office, i cannot imagine. Sorry i don't have any suggestions, but i hope you're ok.
  4. nm.
  5. I have very sensitive front teeth, I can't ever whiten them with anything, even once and I'm in pain for months. The dentist gave me that special toothpaste I think it's the same one you're talking about, it worked a little bit, but not much better than sensodyne. Dh told me that i should stop using this junk, it's probably making my teeth worse, so I have been using Jason's brand toothpaste Nutrismile with Ester C (orange color) (frrom whole foods/natural supermarkets) and I have absolutely no sensitivity at all anymore since I started using it. But I wouldn't go near any teeth whitening things again if I were you. I've learned my lesson.
  6. The same thing happens to me when I use crest white strips. Instead I use Listerine whitening pre-brush rinse, brush my teeth, rinse with water, and then use Listerine Tooth Defense. It is said to help strengthen enamel, and I am still whitening my teeth. This has caused me no discomfort at all and I've been doing it for many months. I use both mouthwashes morning and night.
  7. And I forgot to add, they say try not drink acidic drinks like oj, and soda. I drink them with a straw and also not to brush you teeth for an hour after you eat anything acidic because the acid softens the enamel and you don't want to brush the enamel away.
  8. I hope you feel better soon, Cheryl. I was also told at my dentist's office that acidic drinks, esp. soda, are very harmful to sensitive teeth. Apparently acidic drinks soften tooth enamel, and regular toothpaste and the remineralizing toothpaste help to prevent this. They say the remineralizing toothpaste helps keep tooth enamel much stronger than regular toothpaste, but both are effective.
  9. my teeth arent sensitive day to day, its just a vein thing i guess b.c i havent been able to whiten them and i want them whiter.. Its just to painful! Also I dont drink soda at all anymore. I havent had a soda since Nov. :nuts: Quit cold turkey!
  10. I can't handle teeth whiteners either. Sucks b/c I drink coffee and I have stains from that. I would try using a sensitive teeth toothpaste. My DH had super sensitive teeth and finds that Sensodyne works just fine for him. They do make a Sensodyne Whitening toothpaste.
  11. You can also drink more milk!!
  12. It takes time for the sensitivity to go away. Basically it is the layer under your enamel that is exposed to the hydrogen peroxide. If your teeth are too sensitive to handle then you could always ask your dentist for a desensitizing agent to place over the sensitive areas. Sensodyne toothpaste apparently works well as well. Best of luck!
  13. I don't htink you can rebuild enamel.....:S
  14. No milk on my diet, LoL
  15. Yes, Im using a sensodyne enamel building whitening tooth paste but i have never found a tooth paste to be whitening. I wanna do crest strips :crybaby: