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  1. :crybaby:Ok, on Thursday night I went out to eat w/ my family and at Applebee's I broke my very very back lower tooth. On the way home the pain hit big time. I called all day on Friday and apparently dentists in my rural area don't work on Friday (and we make fun of banker's hours). So, by Friday afternoon I am screaming in pain. I would rather go through labor at this point. I go up to my doctor's office and they told me to go to ER. I don't believe in using the ER for a doctor's office but I was in such pain I would have went to the morgue if I thought it would have helped. I go and this doc looks me over after waiting FOUR hours in the waiting room and gives me a prescription for 10 lortab 5 mg. Now, I live in a town with ONE red light literally. There is no pharmacy open at this time, the nearest one is 45 min away. So, I said umm.. could you not give me something right now? Well, he gives me a pill and on my way I go.

    About three hours later I am to the point of shaking, vomitting, and screaming at home. My hubby says, there is no possible way you can do this all night and takes me back up there. They see me right away and give me a shot of phenergan and delodid. Well, I go home and go to sleep for about 2 hours. Wake up and hubby says my face is about the size of a melon. I can barely see it is so swollen. The kind ER doctor calls me on Sat morning to see how I was and hubby tells him, she can't talk and her mouth and face are swollen. ER doc tells him to bring me back. Now, I am out of it at this point, so he loads me up and they actually give me another shot of this cocktail. Why I have no clue. I seriously have ZERO memory of all day yesterday. My face is still swollen but apparently this doc also ran an antibiotic cocktail into me. Just wanted to vent a little as I still look like some elephant man and have to go to the dentist first thing in the morning for I am sure a root canal... ugh.
  2. You poor thing! Toothaches are the worst. I feel for you. I hope you don't have to go through too much pain tomorrow to get it fixed. Hang in there!
  3. Thanks, it is awful. It did bother me though for them to dope me up to that degree. I mean, after the first shot I was out of it for the most part, but then to lose an entire day really scared me.
  4. Oh my...I am so sorry, that is awful! :wtf:
    I know it is scary to be so sedated that you don't remember the day, but you don't want to !!!!
    I sure hope you get your tooth fixed in the morning....

    Good luck to you.
  5. That's terrible...good luck with the dentist tomorrow, teeth problems are no fun. *hugs*
  6. Ouch!! I hope you feel better soon. I had one of my far, far back teeth broken once too and it was hell. Keep us updated, and I wish you a speedy recovery!
  7. Thank you all. I went to the dentist and they put on me on 1000 mg of an antibotic twice a day. Now I am sure I will get a yeast infection as I always do when I take an antibotic... yuck. They gave me those and some pain meds. It was scary to have to listen to hubby and kids tell me what I had done all day on Saturday and remember none of it. I even went to the drug store, he drove, and bought like 3 pairs of Crocs... yellow and a god awful purple color and some black ones for him.... wtf? lmfaoooooooo... Thank goodness I didn't get on the computer or lord knows what icky thing I may have ended up with.
  8. You should take your antibiotic with a full cup of yogurt each time. That should at least lessen to risk of yeast infection. And make sure you take ALL the antibiotics they tell you to. An abcess that makes your face swell like that can not only leak into your bloodstream, but it can also greatly lessen the effect of the numbing shots the dentist will give you for the root canal. I don't mean to scare you, but I'm just stressing the importance of the anti's. Please let us know how your visit goes.
  9. OH DUDE!! I can sympathize COMPLETELY!
    I had an abcessed tooth once..It was AWFUL!I even had to teach a step aerobics class during it before my dentist apptmt~~!!Ill never forget that pain ever!
    Feel better...dont forget the antiobiotics...take all of them so it gets rid of the infection completely!
  10. OH honey I am so sorry, Tooaches are so bad. This just happened to me about two weeks ago
    It sounds like your nerve or root is exposed.
    I was not on pain but I was given antiobiotics too. Dont forget to take them, as for the pain, for me rinsing my mouth with moutwasnh and flossing that area helps, I was on pain for months after having a root cannal and the dentist told me sometimes takes a little longer for your tooth to get used to it. WTH?

    I hope your dentist fix your tooth ASAP to stop your pain. Root canals dont really hurt. Good luck and keep us posted. A big hugh for you :flowers::flowers:

  11. :wtf: You are amazing..
  12. Hi, I am sorry to hear 'bout your toothache. The reason you need serious a'bs in this case is the risk of the infection tracking into the neck. I think it is called a Ludwigs angina. The pus can escape the dentoalveolar area by tracking under the muscle attachments and can impede respiration - stop breathing!! Obviously, this is bad! The strong painkillers are to help manage the pain. Root canal will remove the cause of the infection ie the dying "nerve" so the body can fight the remaining infection. As for the above mentioned dentist saying that a tooth has to get used to a root canal - WTF ?? THere are many reasons shy a root canal doesn't work including extra canals, insufficient cleaning, operator error, cracks, lateral canals etc, etc. But the tooth doesn't have to get used to it? Once the "nerve" is removed it is essentially empty so it is a receptacle for the root filling.
    Unfortunately, these things always happen at the worst time don't they?? Weekends are the worst. THe ER are really ill-equipped to handle this as whilst antibiotics will settle the initial pain/swelling, they are only a bandaid. The tooth either needs root canal or extraction.
    Good luck, just make sure the dentist uses rubber dam (a rubber barrier) If he/she doesn't, request it of find another dentist!
  13. oh no! I hope you feel better and everything gets squared away! that IS scary to not remember anything. On a lighter note, three pairs of crocs? Really? Was it that necessary? :roflmfao: (I'm totally teasing!)