Tooshies has been a bad girl!!!!!!...Christmas gift(s) to myself!

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  1. I seriously cannot believe how many I've scored in the past few months. I have scaled down my collection A LOT in order to fund my new purchases, but I'm still amazed at the rate these rare bags are popping up!

    My final one this year is a brand sparkling new 04 Rose City!!!! I've always regretted not getting this color back in 04, but the ones I've seen were all smooth(which I don't like), and because I'm VERY fussy with my bags, I never got a chance to get this...until now!
    She has the most gorgeous wrinkly leather I've ever seen on the Rose, she's the most saturated Rose I've ever laid my eyes on, and she still has the full glaze on her!:nuts: She's still stiff and I get to enjoy breaking her in...:love:

    My lucky find #2 is my mint 05 RT Le Compagnon. I've been looking for a compact travel wallet for a while, and I did consider the Giant Traveler(don't like the GH and the weight), and I thought about using my Khaki flat clutch as one, but it's just too big to carry inside my City when I travel. So, when a chance to get this arose, I snagged it up! What better color to get my travel wallet in, other than my fav color, the RT??
    I can whip her out of my RT City:graucho:

    Anyways, this wallet has the BEST leather I've ever seen on the soft and smooshy, too bad it's not any bigger!

    Please welcome, Ms gorgeous Rose!





  2. My cute lil RT:heart:




    the RT familia:love:

  3. Oh she's beautiful. You guys have to stop, you have me craving pink and purple bags when I never imagined I could carry those colours!

    Do you have pictures of your compagnon to share?
  4. Oops, I posted too quickly. Just beautiful.
  5. Whoever kept that Rose City un-used and away from the world for so long must have very strong willpower!

    Stunning, stunning, stunning!

    Awsome find! Congrats!!
  6. Thank you, drati and fashion-cult ! I just couldn't believe that I found a new Rose City with this kind of leather!!!!! I don't think I would be able to keep her unused...she'll start to see some strong Oz sun! LOL
  7. Only way to go!

    Now she will finally get used like she should! :yahoo:
  8. Very Pretty Tooshies :nuts:

    If I see someone strolling on Sydney's streets with a GORGEOUS rose city, I'd know for sure it's you ;)
  9. Omg. *jaw drops* :shocked: Can there be anything more beautiful than Rose?
    In the first 3 pictures, the color almost looks a little over saturated. Is the 4th pic more indicative of its true color?
    & your reds, always look so vibrant. Brilliant photography+/- editing there!!
  10. tooshies your finds are out of this world. first all these gorgeous RT pieces and now a BRAND NEW 04 rose!! what a lucky gal you are :smile:
  11. WOW 'K' tooshies :nuts: what fantastic, rare finds :drool: I'm drooling over here about the stunning '04 Rose but also over your AMAZING RT-family - they all are breathtaking :yahoo: I'm so happy for you :heart:! CONGRATS to this beautiful Christmas gift(s) :flowers:

  12. aki_sato: Thanks, darling:heart: Yep, if that someone happens to be little Asian with short hair, that'd be moi!:graucho:

    Actually, the first 3 pics ACCURATELY represent the true color of this bag. The 4th one came out washed out, like the Roses we accustomed to on tPF, but mine is a lot darker. Like I said, the most saturated Rose I've ever seen:heart:
    Thanks for your compliment on my reds and the photography:shame: I'd really like to get a camera that I can control the light manually so that I can take better pics, but I guess that's not gonna happen for a while:p
    The 3rd group shot came out a little pinkish, but the first two captured the RT color well.

    THANK you!!!:girlsigh:

    firstclass: Thank you, dear:heart: I'm still pinching myself in disbelief of finding a brand new Rose!!!
    Your collection is more than stunning, first, congrats in your gorgy Magenta set!!!:yahoo:
  13. oh. my. word. can't stand it, your bags are the stuff dreams are made of! congrats!
  14. This bag is a total HG for me! I can't even imagine how you found one like that. Congrats!

  15. OMG tooshies, that bag is stunning :nuts:and i love your RT wallet.:drool: Congrats to our RT Queen.:queen::woohoo: