Toooo much drama!

  1. Hi, im sorry about all the drama I have been having with my GUCCI bags..but i have a serious dilemna now!! The strap to my new Abbey bag BROKE!!!!!!!!:tdown: what the %&*@!!!! I have had that bag for all of 3 days! I am walking around with it and all of sudden i feel one of the straps loosen and i look down and its completely apart from the bag! I looke closely and see that the pin where the handle clips onto the bag is i luckily found it. I put it back together thinking its a fluke...and it happens again a few hours later!!!

    Ok girls who have experience with the GUCCI stores..what are they gonna do for me? 1. Are they gonna let me exchange it? 2. Are they gonna make me pay for repair??? obviously this is a DEFECTIVE bag...and i shouldnt be paying more $$ for it!!!!!!

    I am seriously soooooooo dissapointed with the quality of this bag! Its been too much drama for me and im kind of thinking me and GUCCI should part ways!!! :crybaby:Thanks for reading all this...any advice will be appreciated!!
  2. Soooooo sorry! Arghhhh!

    I am sure they will fix it for you FREE! Or if it's not repairable, they will replace it for you. Call them up or bring your bag in for them to check it out fast. They only have a 10-day return policy.
  3. I am so sorry.....
    Since you have only had the bag for 3 days I would demand a brand new one. All Gucci bags are guaranteed for a year. I would take care of it ASAP
  4. OMG so sorry to hear!!! this shouldn't happen!
    definately go back to the gucci-store! I'm certain gucci is gonna try to repair your bag (on their expenses) and if they can not fix it, you get a new one (or store credit? not sure about that).

    the pull of the zipper came off once (one of my bags which I had for 2 years at the time) and they repaired it without any fuss and I didn't had to pay.
  5. OMG I am so sorry. Don't worry they will either replace it or fix it. Or if you kick up a fuss you can get a different bag. So sorry this has happened to you. I've been thinking of buying it in the cream leather.
  6. YIKES...that is pretty unreal!!! Yes, they should and WILL replace it!! 3 days?!! I generally get good wear from my bags but there is always an exception. Hopefully yours was just a fluke. Let us know how it turns sorry that happened!

  7. hope you can have it replaced. good luck!
  8. Thanks for all the advice girls!!! The store is closed today...but I am gonna call first thing tomm. morning. So should I be asking for a new bag or a free repair? Im not sure I want it repaired cause the other handles may do the same thing later on....i would prefer an exchange. But who knows if they will find another bag for me.:sad:

    I seriously don't get why...i cant just have a some peace with my bags? A
  9. i am positive that was just a fluke!! i remember when my chain hobo had a little wear on it they sent it to fix it (it HAD been a little over a year and i wore that thing to DEATH!) but they couldnt fix it so they just credited me a new one! :smile:

    and if its been three days i would ASK for a new one, you have a while for exchanges and refunds USE it:smile:

  10. The same thing happened to my Hasler hobo. I was walking to my car from work and all I heard was "thunk". My bag was lying on the ground. The pin popped out of the strap. I had it a couple of years so I couldn't return it and didn't want to send it in for repair. I ended up using super glue to secure the pin. In your case, like everyone else has said you should return the bag for a new one. Good luck!
  11. You should be able to get an exchange. Shouldn't be a problem. Keep us updated!
  12. I'm sorry that happened... Like everyone else has said, ask for a new one, not just a repair. Good luck!
  13. So I called the Gucci store this morning around 10am. I talked to the original SA who helped me..i told her what happened and shes like we can send it to get repaired. I was like well i wouldn't want that to happen to the other straps can I exchange it for another bag...shes like oh it won't. It just happens sometimes...:wtf:wtf?!!! A bag thats costs over $600 and it happens sometimes...what am paying for then..if not quality?!!! So she also said she may not be able to find me another bag since there are only 2 left. she will call me back in 1 hour...its been 5 hours now! Grrrrr this is annoying...sorry but that was some crappy customer service. She did not even seem the least bit surprised or concerned that a brand new bag broke?:cursing:
  14. So here's my final update....i called the SA back and i guess she forgot about me cause shes like ill call u right back. She calls back and says there are no more of that bag either i can exchange for something else in the store...or i can get it repaired. There will be no charge for the repair and it will take 2wks. It usually takes 4-6 wks...but she will rush it for me.:sad: Wow..i didnt know it takes that long..i dont wanna be without it for 2 wks! oh gonna ask them to check and maybe replace all the other pins just in case. this all really sucks big time...:sad:
  15. Speak with a manager...should you decide to keep the bag.... and request that you are given a discount....this should not have occurred with a new bag and apparently it is a factory defect and you should be compensated for your time...and dump the sales associate...he or she should have gone beyond the steps which you described above...I have no patience for salespeople who are only interested in getting the sale....Good luck with the bag..