Toolhaus v Ebay Feedback Profile?

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  1. I just realised that I can click on the Ebay Feedback profile of sellers to read positive, neutral and negative comments. I used to use Toolhaus for this, but now it doesn't seem necessary. Am I correct or am I missing something? Thank you.
  2. feedback rolls off after 12 months, so toolhaus is a good way to find older feedback that doesn't currently appear in Ebay's FB.

    It's a good tool to continue using!
  3. I always use toolhaus, saves scrolling through all the positives if I only want to see the neutrals and negs.
  4. The feedback ratings roll off after 12 months but the actual feedbacks stay there forever. Some people have hundreds of pages of feedbacks. As ladyisobel said, toolhaus saves you the time of having to scroll through the pages to find the negatives and neutrals.

  5. that is why i use it,too!
  6. Thanks for clarifying. SM
  7. tollhaus rocks everyone should review their seller!! OR buyer for that matter.
  8. I also visit toolhaus to readup on a sellers fbs esp the neut and neg ones.:P
  9. I agree that TH can be invaluable, but I use it with a grain of salt. It can give a kind of skewed perspective just looking at all that negativity. There can be pages of fb between those negs/neuts so I look at the ebay pages of fb and skim over those too.
  10. ^^^ Yes, I have seen TPFers overreact when they see all the negs on toohaus. Becase toohaus goes right back to the beginning, you have to put that in the context of the total feedbacks a person has right back to the beginning. For example someone could have 100 negs but if they have 10,000 feedbacks, that is not too bad.

    I do find toohaus interesting to determine patterns of behaviour. For example, if seller negs are about selling counterfeits or items not as described, that is a huge red flag for me. If buyer negs are for trivial reasons, that is another red flag.
  11. I like TH to see the feedbacks that got withdrawn on ebay.
  12. TH is good to see what people have been negged for. Like if they have lots of negs, it can mean different things. Like, to see if they have tons of negs from one person who bought a ton of stuff in a few days and negged or if it's from people who bought fakes or if it's just whiny perfectionists or scammers or if it's genuine deserved negs for bad service, SNADs, etc.
  13. I always use toolhaus! For all the reasons mentioned above ;)
  14. Since sellers cannot leave negative feedback for non-paying buyers, what are other options now other than the unpaid strike on their acct? Is there a way to post this on TH ?
  15. :goodpost: