access blocked?

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  1. I used toolhaus this morning to check on a seller's feebback and everything was working fine. I just went back to check on a different seller and it say's that ebay has blocked them from gathering access but to try again in an hour because sometimes they unblock them.

    So how should I look up seller's feedback? Is all of it available to view on ebay? I would really love to buy a bag from someone who I feel confident sell's authentics and won't screw me in the end. ;)
  2. hmmmm.... I just went back to check and it was up and running again.
  3. Thanks for the link. :smile:
  4. You're welcome!
  5. Try ;) It works for me!
  6. Ebay has been trying to shut down, by blocking access to it. I do know that. It's a great thing to use and be able to look at the person - buyer and seller's -- history in negs and neutrals.But of course Ebay doesn't want anyone to read all the bad fb's, because it would interfere with their ( Ebay's) sales.
  7. I haven't heard of does it work as well or better than toolhaus?
  8. Ive always been confused why everyone is so desperare to use toolhaus. On a sellers feedback you can click on the negative and neutral feedback scores and it opens up a page with just that feedback on so you can read back for a year quite easily. Does toolhaus let you look back further??
  9. I'm not able to click on the negative/neutral feedback scores, they're not clickable. Maybe it's a UK thing. I suggested, years ago, to ebay that they have an icon for all negs and neutrals so we can see them all on one page instead of going through page after page - there are sellers with thousands of feedback, who has time? So glad to have Toolhaus now though.
  10. ^^ oh really. I can definitely click on them, its so much easier than going onto toolhaus or searching through thousands of feedback - maybe it is a UK site thing that seems silly though. Then again eBay is weird. :smile:
  11. Yes from the beginning of their acct.

  12. It's more-or-less the same. :smile:

    eBay blocked Goofbay for months, a couple of years ago, but Goofbay got a ton of signatures in protest and eBay, eventually, unblocked them. :yes:

  13. :yes: