tooled roxanne tote

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  1. That it might patinate nicely in the end and become a thing of wonder but that it might stain nastily on the road there.
  2. I'm undecided but think it may be a nice piece of fun...
  3. I'm not keen...
  4. It's not doing it for me, but it is sold out so lots of people out there must love it! I can see it looking it's best on a funkily dressed teenager.
  5. I almost bought this! I really love it and think that it would be the sort of thing I'd take out shopping with me - quirky, fun and a great size for me to fill with books!
  6. Not for me but definitely a bit of fun. There are a lot of these kind of trompe l'oeil design clothes in the shops at the moment. Someone my age would look batty in them but they're cute.
  7. I have to say I kind of like it.

    I think it's more the kind of thing i'd see on someone else and love than I would actually use myself though.
  8. I like it and think it is perfect for a knitting project.
  9. I think that they may end up being collector's items, if you can keep them in good condition, because they are a bit different. If they end up in the summer sale, I will definitely buy one even though I don't really use open topped bags.
  10. i quite like it!?
  11. I dunno, I was quite excited opening up the link because I love my tooled Bays but that does not do it for me I'm afraid. Horses for courses as they say!
  12. Not for me.
  13. I think it could look gorgeous with a Patina.. but would probably mark hideously! I kinda like it, would definitely pick one up in the sale! Would be just perfect for taking to uni and carting my books around in!
  14. I think its quirkyness is cool but not for me as I think its a tall girl's bag.

    Miss M - You would really rock this bag!