Tooled Mulberry Fake or Real, Please Help

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  1. Yep this looks good to go :yes: The colourings are correct the leather looks good(not shiny or too stiff and grained) the Mulberry tree Marking on the key pouch is correct , the shape of the handbag and the way it lies (the fakes lay very stiff )Can you ask for a photograph of the inside showing the pocket and disk? (just to be 100% sure)
  2. is it my imagination but on the piccie of the inside does it look like the word mulberry has been scribbled out?
  3. I really don't know mulberry, but something has definitely been scribbled out. Mulberrylover- Isn't this a picture of the inside pocket and disc- should I ask for something else? Thanks for all your help guys!
  4. Sorry but i'd say beware! I don't like the scribbled out 'Mulberry' wording above the disc. They don't have protected paypal and the bids are anonymous. All warning signs to me!
  5. From what I've heard, in the US they sometimes scribble out the name on bags when they're in the sale to prevent people returning them and getting the full price back, so the scribble things could be ok. I would ask them if they would accept paypal though....
  6. Thanks guys, I've seen the scribbled out name when a bag goes from the regular retail store to the outlet- like Nordstrom Rack.

    I thought the anonymous bids was an ebay thing and the seller has no control over that.

    I know the no paypal thing is quite risky. When I've paid with a money order, I have only bought cheap things ($20-$30 range- so if they cheated me, I could easily recover from it).
  7. in the Uk as a seller you can elect to make the bidders details anonymous. i'm just very wary after buying a mulberry bag on e-bay and being sent a different and fake Mulberry from that which was pictured!!!!
  8. ^^I don't think the US site lets the seller choose. At least that was not a choice that I was offered as a seller.

    I just reread your email. They did a bait and switch! Why are people so freaking unethical!! I hope that you are going to get your money back! I used to verify that I was sold a fake Dior in the past and I won!

    I wonder if there's a way to search to see if seller's have stolen other people's pictures.
  9. I paid by cheque so was unable to get money back via paypal but managed to claim back £120 through e-bay. i just wouldn't buy anything expensive now on e-bay unless it was paypal protected.
  10. The inside looks correct and the tree logo on the disk is correct but.... i would NOT buy a bag with pen scribble on it :confused1: It totally ruins the bag even on the inside
  11. I'm so glad you were able to get your money back.:yahoo:

    Thanks Mulberrylover, I've never even seen a Mulberry IRL. Hopefully I'll find one.